Foundation Finds – Try Outs

Over Christmas I have accumulated 5 new foundations, and I know one girl does not need this much foundation for one face, but some were presents and I love trying new products and so I have recently given them all a little try and thought I would do a little introduction to them all. 

I have wanted to try the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation since it was first released but I couldn’t justify the price, in swoops my brother with a Urban Decay voucher for Christmas and finally, this product was mine. I’ve used it twice so far, my first reaction;  “Wow!” Second reaction; “ooo eerrr” so this is on the fence at the moment but I will be trying it a lot more soon.

Next up, one I  tired years ago, I’m sure it was this one, Rimmel Match Perfection and I disliked it then. I was going to get it for Christmas but another blogger, can’t remember who said don’t, so I didn’t. I then got the concealer version for Christmas and oh my, it’s love – more on that another time, but I liked the concealer so much I just had to try the foundation again to see if I prefer it now. So ยฃ5.00 in Asda I tried it that night and have worn it since, so about a week. Medium coverage with a flawless finish, this brightens your skin and just looks beautiful.

Bourjois Happy Light foundation is another I’m still on the fence about, the colour is a bit orange so it might have to be a Summer foundation for when I have a tan but it has a nice coverage however it requires a lot of blending. 

Having dry skin, anything with the word “Matte” on I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, however a little sample sachet of Rimmel Stay Matte foundation in a magazine changed my mind – advertising at it’s best. I got this for Christmas and have used it twice so far. Have to be careful to not load it on too much but it does cover things nicely. No powder necessary for me either and it lasted well. Still in the try out zone though.

Finally, I was sent the Maybelline The Eraser* foundation for a future project coming up and I love this a lot. Application is rather strange as it’s using the foam applicator on the end of the foundation tube but after blending with a buffing brush and my fingers, it looks lovely and lasts so well! The colour is also spot on, Cameo, a shade I haven’t used since high school, had a rather nostalgic moment when I used this. 

So that’s a wrap for the latest foundations that have been slapped on my face recently, I will be reviewing Rimmel Match Perfection soon but do let me know of any others you want to read a full review on.

Have you tried any of these foundations? What were your thoughts on them?