Lush Snowman Bath Ballistic | Review

Recently I received the Snowman bath ballistic from my friend and also my boyfriend for Christmas and I was naughty and opened this early before Christmas Day. I used it at home where I have a pink bath tub so I couldn’t get an accurate picture of the colours in the water. I could see a light red/orange colour but I can’t be sure, sorry about that.

The shape is a cute snowman and smells strongly of vanilla. On the Lush website, it says that this bath ballistic is just like their Butterball which I’m a huge fan of already and it’s loaded with cocoa butter that softens the skin, my favourite.

It makes the bath smell amazing and leaves your skin feeling super soft and with Ylang ylang oil in the ingredients it’s no surprise. To me, the feeling of the oil in the water reminds me of a Lush massage bar and once you are out and dry, your skin is so soft you don’t need a moisturiser after.

It sounds a bit gross however I noticed that because of the oils in the water, shaving was difficult as the razor got clogged up with the oils and residue but other than that, this was a delight to use and I can’t wait to use my second one.

Have you tried the Lush Snowman? What were your thoughts on it?