Lush Ponche Shower Gel | Review

I bought the limited addition Lush Ponche Shower Gel last year as it’s a Christmas product that comes out every year and I couldn’t resist it again this year. Brent bought me this as a treat when we were visiting my Sister in Colchester and I also received another one for Christmas too. I know some people don’t like this scent as it’s quite peculiar but I personally love it and can’t get enough of the stuff.

It’s said to be inspired by a traditional Mexican Christmas punch with a shot of tequila which I actually can’t smell but it does smell amazing and fruity with a hint of spice to it and mainly of oranges as orange juice is the main ingredient and I love it. It’s bright orange in colour too and it’s so refreshing in the shower. I always feel that little bit more awake after using this and the scent fills the bathroom. I use roughly a palm sized amount of the product on my whole body and when used on a loofah, it lathers up really well.

I’m fully stocked for a couple of months thank goodness and I can guarantee I will be purchasing this again when it comes back out. Ponche does come up quite pricey even with the smallest bottle size of 100ml but it would be a nice treat around the holidays.

Have you tried Ponche? What are your thoughts on it?