Estée Lauder | Duo Eyeshadow – Raisins

A couple of weeks ago and wrote a post explaining my recent giveaway wins from the lovely Ash who writes A Beauty Moment, I won the beautiful Estée Lauder Raisins Duo eyeshadow palette and also an Urban Decay product too. I’m still over the moon that I won and since I’ve been using this new beauty nearly every day since I received it, I thought it was about time I reviewed it for you. I’ve never actually tried any of their make-up before so I couldn’t wait to see what this was like.

Firstly, I have to say the packaging of all Estée Lauder products are just so beautiful and luxurious. I love the little gold box and the pretty brush inside. Although I never use the brushes that come with palettes, I will not be throwing this one away as it’s just too pretty.

Inside the palette there are two shades, a light shimmery pink and a dark cranberry colour. Cranberry eyeshadow’s and cream’s have to be one of my favourite shades to wear and this one has tiny gold flecks in it which is more noticeable in the swatch than on the eyelid itself. I love the embossed “E” on the cranberry shade too, just makes the little palette even more appealing. When I first swatched this palette, I couldn’t believe how soft and buttery the shadows were, they are both really pigmented too.

I have been wearing the look pictured a lot since I received this palette and I couldn’t be happier with it. They are so super easy to blend and last a really long time on the eyes. The darker shade can be built up for a more dark smouldering eye or it can be used lightly for a soft smoky eye which is what I opted for. I noticed that there wasn’t any fall-out at all when I used them, even the darker colour which means I don’t have to worry about having to do touch-ups after.

I have to say, using this has really turned me into an Estée Lauder fan and I can’t wait to try more make-up from their line. I highly recommend getting your hands on this product if you have been eyeing it up as I promise, you won’t regret it. I will most likely be wearing this for Christmas and New Year’s too as I can’t get enough of it.

Have you tried any Estée Lauder products? What are your thoughts on them?