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Look Good Feel Better is a charity that helps and supports adults and teenagers who are being treated for cancer and it’s a fantastic cause. As you may or may not know, my mum is being treated at the moment and when we found out about Look Good Feel Better she straight away said that I should write a post about it and bring it to the attention of others that may not know about it. This way you are able to ask your hospital if you need to whether this workshop is available to you.

Look Good Feel Better was founded 19 years ago and they provide small workshops for patients who want to learn tips and tricks on how to make themselves feel better whilst they are undergoing treatment and bring back their confidence that they have lost throughout that time. The workshops are available in over 70 hospitals and I only hope it appears in more hospitals in the future. As you may know, certain treatments cause hair to fall out so this class helps you and teaches you to draw eyebrows in for example. All the teachers and helpers are volunteers and are trained make-up artists and consultants who use their free time to help others.

You also get given an amazing goody bag full of make-up and skincare treats to use at home. All the company’s that are shown all work together and donate products to be given out and I think my mum said this bag is worth a whopping £250.00. I think it’s so generous that such huge brands such as Estée Lauder and No.7 and so on are all being part of such a great cause that helps someone feel better about themselves during such a hard time. Below are pictures of the products my mum received, and yes I drooled over the Estée Lauder blusher and oogle it every time she uses it.

My mum recently attended the class and at first she was scared to go, she has extremely sensitive skin and was worried products wouldn’t help her but when she walked through the door after the class, I noticed straight away how much happier she looked. The class was roughly 2 hours long and the day started by the make-up artist in charge doing a demo in stages and then the ladies doing each stage on themselves as they go along. Each product was explained before being shown what it was used for and tips and tricks were shared.

My mum said that everyone doing the class were extremely enthusiastic which helped my mum feel more at ease and said she really enjoyed it. She feels a lot more confident as she wasn’t sure how to draw in eyebrows and she highly recommends the class to anyone. She only wishes that time was made at the end for a little chat to the other ladies so that everyone could share their stories but nevertheless, she loved it, I’m so glad she went.

I love anything to do with charities and try to do my part to help out. In the Summer my Sister, Auntie (survivor) and myself all ran for Race4Life which I loved and will be doing again in 2014. I think it’s so important to raise awareness about this great charity that’s helping women and I only hope that this post will help people, even if it’s just one person. If you want to know more about this wonderful charity, you can read all about it at Look Good Feel Better.

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This post was my mum’s idea and all information regarding the charity was given to me by Look Good Feel Better as I asked permission to write this post.


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