Top Autumn/Winter Nail Polish Picks 2013

I recently posted my Top Autumn/Winter Lip Products 2013 and someone asked to see my nail polish picks too so here you are! I tried my best to keep the selection to at least 6 but I just couldn’t so there are 9 here. A couple of these polishes are from last year but I love the colours and will definitely be wearing them. I tend to stick to the same A/W shades and only usually buy new S/S shades, don’t know why, must just be drawn to bright pastel colours.

TopshopBig SmokeThis is perfect for those who like their nude shades, it reminds me of a soft stone colour and has been a firm favourite of mine since I bought it. It’s a great colour to wear under a glitter polish, it goes from natural to sassy with a bit of sparkle.

Topshop – AirplaneA gorgeous blue colour, it reminds me of a light night sky, if that makes any sense at all. This is another colour that looks great under a glitter polish. Topshop shades have a great formulation so they hardly ever streak.

Barry MJewel Britannia This polish is one of my favourite glitters ever. Just look at it! It has both small and large glitter pieces in red, blue and silver. Christmas is not complete without a glitter. It looks amazing on top of lots of different shades, I especially love it with the shade above.

EssieBahama Mama I love this deep berry shade however it takes a lot of patience and layers to get a nice fully opaque finish. The colour is gorgeous for A/W though and does look stunning under a silver or gold glitter.

Topshop – Future A stunning shimmery navy shade, in a certain light it has purple tones to it and also pale blue flecks, it’s so pretty and really stands out on the nails. Being Topshop again, it applies beautifully however application has to perfect for it to look neat and tidy.

Essie – Smokin’ Hot – This is your typical dark slate grey shade that looks great for A/W. Again, looks great topped with a glitter and unlike Bahama Mama, this shade applied really well and gives  a lovely shiny finish.

China Glaze – Smoke and Ashes – This was from The Hunger Games collection last year and I love that it’s an almost black with really fine blue/green glitter flecks in it. Only in a certain light can you see the difference and I tried my best to catch it on camera. It applies beautifully and dries really shiny too.

China Glaze – Stone Cold This polish is a bit different, it’s a matte finish and was also from The Hunger Games collection. At first I disliked this, I was so used to a glossy finish that it took some getting used to, however now I really like it. It’s a slate grey/black shade with fine silver flecks, it reminds me of a Galaxy, it also looks great with a gloss on top too.

No.7 – Star Shower – I chose this for the peeps that like their polish pretty but not to full one. As you can see from the swatch, it’s quite a sheer finish and in the picture there were 4 layers of the polish. It indeed looks like a star shower, all gold and sparkly, it would look great layered over Topshop’s Big Smoke.

Which nail polish colours are your favourites this year? 


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