Empties Post – #3

Hey there lovelies! Another empties post for you all. Being jobless is really making me start using all my products properly and I’m making my way through my silly stash. I am a bit behind with my empties post as I posted one a little while back that was 2 months old….very sorry *looks sheepish* anyway, let’s get cracka-lacking.
Samples & sachets
Olay 7 effects cloth mask 
I stole borrowed this from my mum’s “beauty stash” as I fancied slapping on a moisturising mask and I had just read loads of Vivianna Does Make-up posts so I was feeling skincare-y. It was nice, didn’t feel that hydrating and was very messy. Looked as though I was dribbling…a lot!
Repurchase: No.
4x Garnier Moisture Match samples
I tried all of these and the only one I liked was the Normal to dry skin one, which is probably just as well considering that is my skin type.
Repurchase: Yes I would buy full size.
Yuko Anti-frizz shampoo
 I have just been sent this full size to try thank the lord because it’s amazing. After that one sachet I knew I would be a fan. Made my hair silky smooth after the first wash. Watch this space for the full review.
Repurchase: Yes.


Bourjois 10 hour foundation
I used to use this religiously and then stopped. I got tired of it and it started to look too orange for my skin. I put this in even though it’s not empty but it is about 3 years old ewww.
Repurchase: No.
Smashbox photo finish lid primer
Back when I started my blog I bought the Smashbox started kit and this was included. It was ok but it never seemed to be that wet, the product always felt as though it had dried out, even when I first used it. It also didn’t seem to help my eyeshadow at all.
Repurchase: No.
Covergirl Natureluxe waterproof mascara
I was sent this in a swap and I had already used it before and loved it so was happy to have another. On the waterproof front, it wasn’t too great but it made my lashes look lovely without clumping.
Repurchase: Yes.
MAC pro lash mascara
I had this for a while and it was nice but it felt too wet, if that even makes sense. After application I couldn’t do anything because I would end up with black dots everywhere if I moved, it took ages to dry and didn’t do a whole lot to my lashes.
Repurchase: No.
L’oreal Telescopic mascara
I love this mascara. I bought it ages ago and hardly used it, I the n started to use it again after Vivianna Does Make-up kept saying how amazing it was and completely fell in love with it. Makes my lashes look insanely good!
Repurchase: Yes!


Nina Ricci
I loved this perfume and always will. It’s a sweet summery scent that lasted really well on the skin. I also adore the bottle, it’s so cute.
Repurchase: Yes.
Ghost Sweetheart
I went mad for this when I worked at Boots. It’s super sweet and long lasting but I got bored of it. I tried to use it up and kept it in my handbag and then one day it just smelt off so I stopped using it and added it to my Goodbye pile.
Repurchase: No.
Scentsy Bar
I was sent this to try before Christmas and really really love the scent. It was gorgeous and lasted ages in my room. However Scentsy is run abit like Avon but as it’s an over seas brand it’s harder to get hold off.
Repurchase: No.
Vera Wang Princess sample
Love love love! I have always wanted the full size bottle and adore the crown lids that come on Vera Wang’s perfume.
Repurchase: Yes!
Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy sample
I really liked this, very light and floral and I love all Britney’s perfume bottles, they all look really cute.
Repurchase: Yes.


Skin & nail care
Clean & Clear
It took me ages to use this all up and even though it was for sensitive skin it still made my skin feel dehydrated. I only tended to use it if I had a cluster break-out and it did seem to clear the area up a bit quicker.
Repurchase: No.
Simple eye make-up remover
This is awful stuff. Stung my eyes like crazy, didn’t matter how careful I was it still made them sting. It was also really rubbish at removing waterproof make-up. I’m not a huge fan of Simple in general but I haven’t tried too many products, I keep getting put off.
Repurchase: No.
Clinique All about eyes eye cream
This was only a sample size but it lasted me about 5 months. I applied it every night and I did notice my under eye bags where less puffy in the mornings. I think it would be extra lovely on the eyes if it’s kept in the fridge as it would be more cooling. I really love this product.
Repurchase: Yes definitely.
Optimum swiss apple serum
I bought this on a whim when it was half price in Superdrug and I will be reviewing it full soon but it really helped my skin feel less dehydrated and made it quite soft.
Repurchase: No would rather try another brand.
Balance Me lip balm
I only had this because it came free with a magazine one month however I hated it. It was a nice intense lip salve and was great at night but I detest lavender scented products and it tasted awful. I’m not one who sits there and eats my lip balms the exception of Lush’s lip scrubs…we’ve all done it but whenever I applied it it just tasted horrible.
Repurchase: No.
Avon quick dry nail spray
I had this for a while and used it every time I did my nails. It made them dry so much quicker and was moisturising for the nails however it was a little slimy and if I sprayed it on my wooden floor by accident, it was very dangerous, nearly broke my neck a couple of times.
Repurchase: No, I bought an Orly one instead.


Orangix conditioner
I had this in my last Empties post but this is the last one, I swear. I do love this, makes my hair smooth and silky and smells amazing but I’m bored of it now and want to keep trying new things, I have enough to try!
Repurchase: No.
TRESemme deep cleansing shampoo
I bought this as it was cheap in Asda and I need a new shampoo and although it’s a cleansing shampoo, even if I used it once a week it made my hair feel straw like and not very nice.
Repurchase: No.
It’s a 10!
This is the first haircare/styling product that I have actually finished up and really quickly. It smelt a little odd but made my hair really smooth and soft and feel great for a long time. I did use it up pretty quickly as you don’t get a lot and the last bit at the end just would not come out and so frustrating!
Repurchase: Yes but I’d like to try something new.


Bath and body care
Imperial Leather shower gel
I will be a quick little review on this one as it was lurrvley but quickly, smelt great, felt great, was just yummy. I love the whole range by Imperial Leather.
Repurchase: Yes.
Soap & Glory righteous butter
My sister gave this to me half used as she had had enough and I do really like this. Lovely scent, soaks into the skin nicely and makes your skin super soft! I have a full size tub that I’m working through at the moment too.
Repurchase: No.
Jergens ultra healing lotion
This is another sample and i’m not sure where I got it from but it was so lovely. I loved the scent, it made my skin silky soft straight away and soaked in really quickly.
Repurchase: Yes.
Gillet Olay shaving cream
I’m already on my 3rd bottle of this. It’s like a normal Gillet shave cream which sometimes made my skin a bit irritated but this one has a touch of Olay in it I haven’t had any irritation at all.
Repurchase: Yes.
Vaseline deodorant spray
As boring as it is, I wanted to add it in because it claims to last as long as the full size one. So far the three cans of the mini size that I have bought haven’t lasted longer than 10 days and the bigger size ones lasts me at least 3 weeks. Has anyone else found this?
Repurchase: No.
Which products have you used up recently? Any favourites that are above?