TRESemme Keratin Smooth Range | Review


Over the years I’ve only turned to TRESemme when it’s been on offer in Asda for £2.00 for a large bottle, I’ve never been intrigued to try anything by them, until I spotted the Keratin Smooth range. I saw these products in Tesco’s on a 2 for £4.99 deal and then my sister gave me the heat spray. It promises to tame unruly frizz for up to 48hours by infusing every strand of hair with keratin to make your hair silky smooth, that’s quite a promise. So, did the TRESemme Keratin Smooth range live up to it’s promises?
Keratin Smooth Infusing Shampoo – £4.99 -When I first started using this shampoo I loved it, I found that it really did leave my hair silky smooth and I definitely didn’t have to straighten it as much which is always handy. It also kept my unruly frizz at bay for the 48hours it claims, however the more I used it, the more my hair became limp and lifeless. I think that my hair has become used to the formula so it doesn’t really do anything for me any more. Saying that, I do feel that it would work nicely only being used once or twice a week and not on a regular basis. A very good point though is the scent, it’s gorgeous.
 Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque – £5.50 – I love to use deep treatment masks as my ends always end up really dry and horrible. I haven’t been able to have my hair trimmed recently – terrible I know –  but this mask has really helped sort that out. I use it once a week and it does leave my ends really soft and smooth and less scraggly looking. Like the shampoo, the scent for this mask is so yummy, it doesn’t linger too strongly on your hair which is great, it’s just enough scent to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean.

Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray – £5.50 – I really wanted to try this and was so happy when my sister gave it to me pretty much full as she didn’t get on with it. However, I love it. It’s supposed to shield the hair from the damaging effects of heat and I feel as though it does work. I spray it onto dry hair and brush it through and after using heat tools, my hair feels really soft and silky. I don’t know if it helps with shine as I’m lucky to have naturally shiny hair anyway, but it doesn’t make my ends feel dry or brittle, I do think it works quite well, it also smells like the rest of the range which is yummy!
I have been quite impressed with this range and do thoroughly enjoy using it, however I personally wouldn’t buy the shampoo again. I would probably repurchase the mask and spray but I do want to give their Platinum Strength range a try next. 
Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them?