Moroccanoil Treatment

I have heard so much about the brand Moroccanoil and have always wanted to try it, my sister uses it and loves it and when I got the chance to try the Moroccanoil Treatment* I jumped at the chance. This particular Moroccanoil product is an oil that is supposed to nourish and condition hair and can be used as a styling, conditioning and finishing tool all whilst having a residue-free and alcohol-free formula. It can also be applied to wet or dry hair.


4PIN IT!I was sent the 25m bottle which comes packaged in a really cute sized bottle, it’s adorable, and the box is a gorgeous turquoise blue. It’s so pretty I still haven’t thrown it away…hoarder! When I first used it, I first noticed the scent and actually tweeted about how nice it was. I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like but it’s just a nice lovely smell that doesn’t linger too long in the hair.

I first started using it only on my wet hair and on the very ends as the ends are the only parts of my hair that are really dry and horrible. I did notice straight away how the residue-free formula is definitely true. When I’ve used hair oils in the past, I’ve found that my hands feel really slimy even after washing them and my hair always felt a bit wet, however with this particular product, it just soaks straight in leaving nothing behind, and my hands are slim free. Yes! My hair definitely felt a lot smoother after I have applied it to wet hair, however once it had dried, it didn’t feel much different so I started applying it to dry hair as well. Once I started doing this, that’s when the magic happened. The ends feel really soft and silky and although there isn’t any product out there that cures split ends, only a hair cut unfortunately, I did notice that they appeared to be less scraggly and more tidy which is always a plus for me! It really does look and feel in better condition now. This product is great for all hair types as well as being the perfect size for travelling with.

The 25ml bottle costs £12.85 from and they have some amazing deals on different items at the moment, they also have free delivery on the purchase of the 100ml bottle. When my sister first started using this product, I personally used to think that £12.85 for such a tiny bottle was a ridiculous amount, however after using it myself and realising that you only need a teeny-tiny amount, this bottle will last forever and it’s totally worth it. I can’t wait to try other products from this brand, I can imagine they are all brilliant.

Have you used the Moroccanoil Treatment? What are your favourite products from this brand?


*PR sample