Deborah Milano | Natural Effect Blush 03 – Peach | Review

Deborah Milano is a brand I hadn’t heard of until I started blogging. I have previously posted about two other products from the brand, the Lash Creator Volume & Care Mascara* and a Shine Creator Lipstick* and really enjoyed using both. I still use them both now, the mascara has nearly run out and the lipstick is constantly in my handbag. I am a huge blusher junkie, I’m sure 20+ blushers is really unnecessary in any collection but I still jumped at the chance to try the Natural Effect Blush in 03 Peach*. I opted for the peach one purely because I mostly own pinks and I’m so glad I did.

First things first as always, packaging. I really like the shape, I think it’s different and I like that the lid is clear so you can easily pick the colour out of a big collection. It’s simple and easy to store, however I do think it is a tad on the “too big” side. I personally hate the brushes/applicators that come with products and this wasn’t any different. The brush was so scratchy and rough and so small that I don’t see how it could apply blusher nicely. I would definitely prefer it if the brush was taken out and the packaging designed to be smaller and to just hold the product alone. One other little thing is that it’s really hard to open, I don’t know if it’s just me being cack-handed or I just got an awkward one…a great thing though, you do get a really generous amount of product and £6.90 is a complete bargain.

Moving onto the product itself, I swatched this and I honestly fell in love. I know I have been saying that about a lot of products recently but this blush feels so soft and velvety to touch, it blends beautifully and has just the right amount of pigmentation. It’s a gorgeous subtle peach shade with a hint of shimmer and looks lovely on my pale skin tone. This is the only blusher I took away with me on my recent trip to Rome and usually I take at least 3 with me for choice, I just didn’t need anything but this. I love how easy it is to apply, it blends effortlessly and just looks so natural and pretty. 

I am extremely impressed with this product, it will definitely be making an appearance in this month’s favourites post without a doubt! There’s 6 shades in total to choose from and all look very pretty, you can check out the blush shades here and the full website at

Have you used this brand before? What were your thoughts?