Rome | Day 3, 4 & 5

St Clement Church | Pictures 2-4 are of the view from St Angelo’s Castle | Angel Michael statue at St Angelo’s Castle | St Angelo’s Castle from the bridge | Piazza Navona | Bruschetta at a restaurant in Piazza Navona | Pantheon | Pictures 11 & 12 of the Spanish Steps | Brent & I on outside The Vatican.

I recently posted about Days 1 & 2 in Rome and promised the rest. It was such an amazing holiday, we both have definite holiday blues at the moment, just keep thinking “This time last week…” Anyway…
Day 3 started off with a very fragile Claudia loading up on water and buying a sun hat! This hat literally saved my holiday as I know I would’ve been ill the rest of the week without it. Whilst I’d slept the night away, Brent had stayed up channelling his inner Bear Grylls and finding places for us to visit the next day so we got up early and made our way to St Clement. This is a beautiful church built on top of another church on top of another. So there’s three church’s all from different centuries on top of each other and it was so interesting to see. The catacombs at the bottom were so eerie but so fascinating to see. We then made our way to see St Angelo’s Castle and I love castle’s so I couldn’t wait to go here. It is enormous. There’s so many different rooms and there’s even the bed of the third Pope of Rome, I’m sure it was that old. Brent had his little tour guide telephone so he’d listen to that and then explain where we were, was so fun. The views from the top of the Castle were breath-taking, so beautiful as you can see from the pictures. Fun fact, there’s a tunnel that leads from The Vatican all the way to the Castle that the Pope used to use in times of trouble…told you I was a history geek. We then went on another little adventure to Piazza Navona which is a big square with two big water-fountain’s and lots of restaurants. We had an amazing meal here where I had my favourite, brushcetta. After nibbles we then walked around the corner to the Pantheon. If you’ve read Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons I’m sure this is in it. A huge stunning Gothic looking building in the middle of a tiny square, the inside was incredible! I can’t get over how amazing this looked, inside and out.
Day 4 was a lot less busy than day 3. We made our way to the Spanish Steps which were so pretty. It’s the widest staircase in Europe and  the area was beautiful. We of course climbed all 135 steps and came back down again where I then did a spot of shopping. The area was filled with high designer shops, Prada, D&G, Gucci, you name it, it was there. I also found a Brandy Melville which I posted about my purchases in my Rome haul. We just had a slow walk around and then went back to the hotel for a bit, Later that evening we made our way back to the Trevi Fountain where we had the most gorgeous meal ever. We shared a bottle of Merlot which is my most favourite red wine and it was amazing. We planned to have a nice meal in a fancy resuturant on the last night, just a shame I felt queasy all week as I didn’t eat too much of my main. I had already stuffed my face with a starter or Brushcetta though. Brent being Brent started chatting to the American’s next to us who were so so lovely, I really enjoyed talking to them. A little walk back to see the Trevi Fountain at night, beautiful! and then day 4 and our first holiday together was over.
Day 5 was a lot of waiting around. We checked out about noon and then sat in the hotel lobby abusing their internet and watching The Vampire Diaries on my laptop. Then we just had a very long wait until our flight at 9pm. We slowly made our way to the airport, and Italian traffic baffles me, I nearly got run over numerous times on the holiday because of the crossings. When we landed we found out that the M25 was shut which meant we had to spend another night in a hotel at Gatwick airport, was an interesting end to a wonderful holiday.  
Here’s a little short video I put together of some of the sites…

I honestly can’t decide which location was my favourite as going to Rome has always been such a big dream of mine so I just enjoyed every single place and detail. I had the best time away with my boy, if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have been able to go. I can’t wait to see where we will go next together, a mention of Paris for our year was spoken of last night. I added the picture of us at the end because it’s our 7 months today and I’m feeling mushy.
Have you ever been to Rome? Where in the world would you want to visit?