Rome | Day 1 & 2

Pictures 1-3 Vatican | Pictures 4-6 The Colosseum | Gelato | Pictures 8-11 ruins at Palatino | Arco Di Tito in Palatino | Last 2 pictures of Trevi Fountain

Rome has always been a place I’ve really wanted to visit. Ever since watching Mary-Kate and Ashley films when I was growing up, I’ve always wanted to go to the places they went and Rome was second on my “Places to visit” list after New York City of course. My boyfriend Brent booked the whole thing and it’s been the best holiday I’ve ever had so far. 

On arrival on Day 1 and after much faffing around at the airport and then getting lost on our way to the Hotel, we finally made it, unpacked and set out to see The Vatican. Although we didn’t actually go inside, just seeing it was amazing. We took a wrong turn, and by wrong turn I mean Brent saying, “It’s this way” and me saying “No, it’s this way” We went with him and ended up walking around the entire perimeter of Vatican City. Tiring is an understatement, needless to say my directions would’ve been right but we won’t go there,  hehe. We then had a little meal of pasta and seafood salad and then headed home for the evening. It’s amazing how many people there were at The Vatican, a shame we didn’t get to see it properly, but we didn’t mind too much. 

Day 2 we got up early and made our way to The Colosseum and this was high on the list for places to see and it was incredible. Just walking out the Metro and it towering above you, it’s insane. How something so old can still be standing baffles me. I’m a huge history buff and thoroughly enjoyed reading about it on the tour. We spent a good 2 hours just walking around it all. We then made our way over to Palatino which is a grand palace and gardens and so many ruins, it was so amazing to see. There’s so much to see there, every turn there was something else to look at. We went prepared and took lots of water but ran out and after about 10 minutes we were both dehydrated. It was 30C which neither of us are used to and then mix that with about 6 hours of non-stop walking, that evening I ended up in bed with a soaring temperature, sickness and chills, suffering from heat stroke. Brent ran around the streets trying to find me Paracetamol, bless him. We did enjoy a lovely Gelato outside the The Colosseum which tasted yummy! Then finally on the way home – before I was bed ridden – we went to see Trevi Fountain which was the site I was most excited about. It’s huge and beautiful and we both just stood there and gazed at it. It was incredibly busy, everyone going mad trying to get a picture in front of it. We did the cheesy thing of throwing a coin in each too, I loved it there so much we went back on the fourth night for our last evening meal.

So that evening like I said, I was ill but after taking some medicine and sleeping it off I was fragile but okay for the next day. I also picked up a cold, yay! Day two was definitely my favourite out of the whole trip and soon I will post Day 3, 4 & 5 for you all.

Have you ever been to Rome or wanted to go?


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