Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipsticks – Review

Whilst shopping in Boots recently, I spotted the new Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipsticks and as soon as I swatched them, knew I had to have them. So I ended up buying all four shades in two different hauls. I love each colour so much and really can’t decide as to which is my favourite. After the release of Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, everyone has jumped on board with their own “chubby sticks” however these one’s are more than half the price at £7.99 each and currently on 3 for 2, you can’t miss a deal that good! The packaging is gorgeous with shiny silver writing. I like how the colour of the lipstick is the colour of the tube, make’s finding a lip product so much easier. I also like how if you twist the silver end, it twists the lipstick up further. They boast that they offer 10hr hydration and are waterproof, did they live up to that?
Firstly I have to say that they do contain SPF15 which is always a bonus for me because burnt lips are the worst so they get a tick in the box for that one, however I found that the colour lasted on my lips for about 2 hours maximum and are most definitely not waterproof. As soon as I had a drink, the lip product ended up all around my bottle and came off my lips. But that’s not to say that I dislike this product, it’s actually the complete opposite. I adore these new lippies. They are extremely easy to apply and don’t feather on my lips at all. Once I have applied the soft creamy product, it appears glossy but after a little while on me they do dry a little bit matte, or to a bit of a stain if you will but they still have a sheen to them. I don’t mind that they come off a little too easy as re-applying is a doddle. 
Now onto colour, Red Sunrise is the swatch on the left and looks a pinky red colour and in the tube but once on my lips, it is definitely more pink. It’s a lovely colour for Summer and then can also been worn during the transition into Winter too. The pigmentation is bright and bold and super pretty. Orange Punch looks a little scary in the tube but once swatched isn’t as pigmented but I like that as bold orange lips scares me a little. I love how this shade is sheerer than the rest but still looks really pretty on. Fuchsia Libre is the colour I have worn most as it’s a pretty fuchsia pink but again, it isn’t as pigmented as what you would expect. I don’t mind that though because I sometimes prefer just a soft stain to the lips as opposed to a bold lip but all these colours are definitely buildable which is another bonus. And finally, the last colour is Peach on the Beach which is such a cute name for a lip product. It’s the one I was most dubious about. Whilst swatching it in the shop, it looked far too baby pink to me which doesn’t suit me at all but I decided to just go with it in the end and I was pleasantly surprised. Once on my lips it’s a soft pinky coral colour which I love, it’s nowhere near as baby toned as I first thought. 
I seriously hope they release new Autumn/Winter shades because they are the perfect product, formulas great, application is great, packaging is great…need I say more? Have you tried these new lipsticks? What were your thoughts on them?