July Favourites 2013

For the past two months I don’t think I have done a monthly favourites. Its all been a bit hectic and then with my holiday I was away for the first half of June and I didn’t really use any products enough to be able to add them into a favourites. These products are ones that I have used on and off since May along with lots of other products but have stood out the most to me.

Urban Decay Flushed Palette – Full review – I have posted a full review because it really deserves it’s own time in the spotlight, this little palette is so perfect for travelling as it has a bronzer, highlighter and a blusher and all three products are brilliant. Very pigmented, long lasting and all inside the beautiful packaging, Urban Decay, you’ve done it once again.

Yuko Repair Through Spray* – Full review – This product is amazing, it’s the only spray ever to help with my tangles and after I’ve sprayed it onto my wet hair and left it for about 5 minutes, combing has never been easier. I am so pleased I have this because it truly is a great product. If you have unruly hair definitely give this a go. The whole range is great which I reviewed in the link above and when I have used all the products together, I don’t even need to straightened my hair, it’s brilliant.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask – I have gone a bit mental with Origins as of late and will of course be doing full reviews on the Origins products I do own very soon. I was bought this mask for my birthday and love it a little bit more every time I use it. I’ve always had terrible dry skin but this seriously helps a lot and when I use this product during flights, my skin instantly feels soft and hydrated. I use it after I have used my next favourite and they are a kick-ass combo.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask – I bought this not too long ago and have used it about 4 times so far but I love it. I use it about twice a week, then once I have washed it off, I use a face scrub and then I apply the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask and my skin feels and looks incredible. Even my boyfriend commented once saying how glowing my skin looked. I’m so impressed with their products and can’t wait to try more from them!

Deborah Milano Shine Creator Lipstick – 9* – Full review – This is one of the products I have used all the time without fail to add a little colour to my lips but still keeping them moisturised. I love the colour of this one, a pretty pink that also contains SPF15, it’s been the perfect lip product to keep using throughout Summer time.

Maybelline Babylips – Quenched – I was sent this a couple of months back in a beauty swap from Cassidy and have never used a lip balm so much in all my life. I love lip balm to death and will be reviewing the full line of Babylips soon since they have just hit the UK stores finally. I used this none stop on holiday as it contains SPF20 and has such a gorgeous fruity sent to it. I think in the UK it’s called Hydrate, I’m pretty sure they are the same one but even so, the whole line is great.

What have been your favourite products of July?