Change is Good – Hair Addition

About 2 weeks ago I said to my mum that I was never going to dye my hair again, ever! Fast forward 2 weeks and after reading Katielewla’s post on dying her hair pink, I decided that I was going to change my hair colour…again. Since I started dying my hair in year 7 with the wash in wash out dyes, I have had every colour imaginable. Red all over, black, dark brown, high-lights, bright pink flash, blonde flash, and last year I had multi coloured streaks. I’ve always wanted a purple/pinky tone all over but because I have dark hair I never bothered because I always wanted it to be really bright and I knew it wouldn’t be. Let’s be honest, your hair never turns out like the colour on the box does it? *sad face.*

After buying 4 different hair dyes -taking 2 back after – my mother and I finally settled on the L’Oreal Paris Feria colourant in the shade Purple Power. It’s just the colour I wanted, purple/pink but it didn’t come out as bright. If I wanted it brighter I would have to go to the hairdressers and get it lightened professional and that is just too much faffing around.
This kit was really simple to do, just mix the bottles together, including the oil pocket sachet, oohh fancy, and then apply all over your hair and leave for 35 minutes. The conditioner is really great as you’re given a 54ml tube which you use once weekly for 6 weeks to keep your hair and colour in tip top condition. Because my hair is long and thick, I have to buy two hair-dyes which is slightly annoying but never mind, I have twice the amount of conditioner now. I didn’t apply it on my roots very well, oo err, so I might buy another one in two weeks time and just do that to finish it off.
I love this brand for hair colouring, have you used it before? Would you dye your hair a different colour?

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