Must Have’s For Manicures

When it comes to nails I used to be the girl that chewed her fingers down to the bone. My mum would always shout at me to stop biting them because I’ll regret it when I was older and even tried the Stop ‘n’ Grow stuff that’s supposed to make kids stop biting because of the yucky taste, yes I still carried on regardless. Fast forward 10 years and I now get close to tears if I so much as chip a nail. My nails have always been brittle but have recently started to get a lot better and so decided I would share how I do my nails when I paint them.
I start by using a nail polish remover to clean off any old polish, file down the edges to the shape I like, always square, rounded freak me out, claw hands! and then wash my hands and scrub under the nails with a nail brush, I know gross. Vomiting part out the way, I then apply The Edge Nails Cuticle Remover Serum onto my cuticles and wait for about 2 minutes. I’ve only recently added this in and it works a dream. You hardly need anything at all and so it will last you ages. Once that’s soaked in, I use the nail tool, I have no idea what it’s called, and scrape/remove my cuticles. It’s never a lot, just a general tidy up. I then wash my hands a second time because apparently once isn’t enough. Sometimes I will buff the tops of my nails with a nail buffer because this will make the polish stay better but I only do this about twice a month as it can make your nails brittle and weak. After that I apply two coats of OPI Nail Envy Original and I swear by this! Brownie’s honour this is the magical stuff that has strengthened my nails. I apply it as a base coat every time. I then apply a nail colour of choice and to stay fit with the Summer season that’s none other than Essie Mint Candy Apple, beautiful shade, and beautiful formula. I then tidy up around the edges with cotton buds –Q-tips and finally finish with my Orly Spritz Dry spray which is supposed to help your polish dry faster, but between me and you, Avon Freeze Dry Spray is 10 times better and then finally, depending on how my nails are looking I sometimes will add OPI Nail Envy over the top just for good measure. I have tried OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat but there was nothing rapid about it, so I finished it up and didn’t repurchase it.
It seems a lot but it definitely helps my talons grow nice and strong and find doing my manicure strangely therapeutic. Which nail products are staples in your manicure routine?

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