Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sun Cream – Review

Hey everyone. I recently reviewed the Silk Hydration After Sun and of course this one had to follow suit. Considering all the hot weather we’ve been having recently. So after hearing many rave reviews about the after sun, I bought the sun cream from the same line. I picked up a full size and travel size of the SPF30 and a full size SPF50. I was intrigued by the “moisturising ribbons” and decided to pick this up on the BOGOF along with the after sun. 
When I first started using this, I loved the scent, not as strong as the after sun but still nice and summery. It was really moisturising on the skin and left it looking dewy and glowing in the sun which was nice. However, the more I used it the less I liked it. For starters, I started to notice weird brown marks on my white beach towels and finally realised that it was the sun cream, and it stained them. Luckily they were the hotels and my white clothing was okay. Like the after sun, if you didn’t wash any products off properly in the shower, this rolled like crazy! It was awful. Yes it was very moisturising but so frustrating to work with. The travel size sun cream didn’t have any moisturising ribbons, which is the brown part, it was just normal white fluid and that was fine, no rolling, however I can only put it down to their moisturising ribbons not doing all they are hyped up to be. To finish on a good note, it did protect my skin really well as I only burnt the tinniest amount, I’m talking grape size amount, otherwise I just went straight to a lovely tanned colour.
Would I purchase this again? Definitely not. I will definitely try something else as this was a bit of a nightmare if I’m honest. You can see more from their sun line here
Have you used this sun cream before? Did you have the same problem as me?

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