January Favourites 2013

The first month of 2013 is well and truly over. So far I’ve had a rather up and down start to the year, from finding something I wasn’t looking for, to meeting goals, i’m looking at you 250 followers and having a rather interesting turn of events, all in all, it’s been a pretty great start to my year. I’m over the moon about that considering my last couple of years have been rather pants. It’s about time I had some good luck, just hope I haven’t jinxed myself…


Moving swiftly on, I bring you my January favourites. Since receiving some new bits over Christmas and being on a spending ban, I’ve forced myself to try things I already have instead of buying anything new. This is probably the first month in a long time that I’ve known exactly what I would be writing about. Some months I’ve found myself scrapping items together but not this month!

Topshop nail polish – I tried my very hardest to choose one colour, but being the nail polish addict that I am, I just couldn’t decided and so I opted for my top three favourite colours. They are Green RoomMilkshake and Mover n Shaker. Topshop polishes have to be one of my favourite brands. Although they are slightly more expensive at £6.00 a bottle sheeez, the formulation is amazing as for some colours you only need one quick swipe and you’re good to go! They stay on for ages and the colour range is crazy. So many pretty colours to choose from.

Clinique palette – This palette was actually given to me by my old hairdresser. I think it’s pretty old so I don’t have a clue what it’s called but the colours are lovely. I’ve been using the gold to highlight my inner corner as it does the job beautifully! The two eyeshadows are both lovely and pigmented and the blush is just as pretty. Such a lovely subtle colour.

Avon Mocha Latte quad – As you can see from the picture, this palette has had some loving. It’s probably the only product in my big stash that I’ve actually hit pan on. I used to use it all the time and then suddenly stopped. After digging it out at the beginning of January, I haven’t stopped using it. I use the lightest brown shade to fill in my eyebrows as it’s the perfect colour and then I use that same colour and the cream shade all over my lid and the dark brown in my crease to create a really soft and subtle eye. I’ve been wearing this eye look every day for about 2 weeks now.

Rimmel BB Cream – Is heaven sent and the most amazing BB cream ever. I will be doing a review on this I promise but I just haven’t got round to it yet. Basically, I used to hate BB creams, I now only love this one and pretty much use it every single day. It’s a beauty!

Benefit They’re Real! mascara – I’ve had this for a while now but decided that instead of opening a new mascara every time I got bored of one, I would actually start using up some of my 11 already opened ones. First off the list for using up, They’re Real! This mascara is incredible! I love it so much. I’m so glad I have a travel size waiting to be used because my lashes have never looked better! I did tweet/instagram a picture because I was so impressed by the way they looked.

MAC Breezy blusher – I always love a good berry blush in the cold winter season for that “just come in from the cold so my cheeks are flushed” effect. This shade of blusher from MAC does that look brilliantly. You hardly need any of the product at all because it’s so pigmented and it lasts all day! Such a great pretty colour.

Avon Anew lash transforming mascara and serum – I’ll be honest, I haven’t even touched the mascara end, I’ve just been using the serum. A while back, I noticed that for some reason on my left eye, the outer lashes had gone all stumpy and actually looked as though someone had taken a pair of scissors to them. Weird, I know! This was the only serum I had and started using it. Within a week my lashes were back and with a bang. Adding Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara over the top and my lashes look amazing, if I do say so myself. Haha! So impressed with this product. It conditions my lashes really well.

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Perversion – I’ve always wanted to try these eyeliners as I was intrigued as to whether they actually stayed on. Well the first time I wore it, I forgot to take my make-up off when I got in the shower and after doing my business, I got out and my eyes looked exactly the same. It didn’t budge or run or anything! They are incredibly creamy, pigmented and really easy to work with. I’ve been wearing it along my upper lash line (with the look I mentioned above) and blending it in to create a softer line and also makes my lashes look thicker. I can’t wait to get more colours from this line.

What are your favourites from the month of January?