Vivo Baked Shimmer Palette – Review

I bought this pallet about 3 months ago now. Whilst browsing through Tesco I of course ended up down the beauty isle. I came across this brand Vivo and thought I’d give the items a swatch in-store and was pleasantly surprised! I wasn’t expecting too much, I don’t know why but as soon as I had seen the out come of the swatch, I decided which colour palette to get and casually slipped it in my basket without my mum looking…well she did see in the end but she didn’t say “More make-up!” like she sometimes does.


They are baked which means they can be applied dry or wet. I personally haven’t tried them wet yet, but if this is what they look like dry, wet they will look incredible! MAC also have their own version of these shadows, I think most brands do now.

I didn’t have a huge nosey at the Vivo stand and I never shop in Tesco so I don’t actually know what else they sell or what it’s like, however, I’m really glad I got this one. As you can see from the swatches, they are really pigmented and super duper shimmery. So shimmery it’s crazy!

The packaging is really sleek and pretty and comes with a little mirror inside. I really like the packaging as it looks high end and is actually really well made. It also came with a double ended sponge applicator but I don’t like using them so I threw it away.

The smaller circles are eye shadows and the bigger one a blush. The eye shadows are similar. Just being a light green and brown and then a darker green and brown, but they are so pretty together. They apply really nicely and really easily. I didn’t notice a lot of fall out which is good and they do stay put for a while. Not for the whole day unfortunately as they does crease and go a little weird but they last a fair amount of time. They are really easy to blend and when used with a primer, the colours are beautiful!

I really love the blusher. It looks really bright and scary in the pan but comes out so pretty and light. Looks like the cheeks that are flushed from the cold. So pretty! It has bronze and pink colours swirled together and just work’s amazing together. The blusher lasts longer than the eyeshadows which is good as I don’t need to keep touching it up. It’s also really buildable and blends beautifully.

I am so happy with this palette. It cost me £6.00 which I think is amazing for such a good quality product. I want to go back and buy more! Have you used anything from the Vivo range? Do you recommend anything for me to try?