Product Reviews

Beauty & haircare samples will be tested for a minimum of 2 weeks and skincare a minimum of 6 weeks for full reviews. Initial thoughts and first impressions skincare posts will be a trialling period of 3 weeks. Fashion samples will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Please be aware that receiving an item does not mean it will be featured on my blog or social media platforms.

Regardless of whether a product is sent to me or purchased by myself, my reviews are 100% honest.

All PR products will have an (*) next to the item and it shall also be stated at the bottom of each post.

Social Media Promotions

I do accept relevant product or link promotions across my social media platforms. These include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook.

Social media promotions shall be clearly marked with #ad.

Sponsored Post

Relevant beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics will be accepted. I do not accept any third party pre-written content or infographics on my blog.

All sponsored posts will include “no-follow” links to abide by ASA guidelines.


As of August 2016 this blog may feature some affiliate links via Skimlinks. This means that should a purchase be made through a link, I could potentially make a very small profit from that sale. Not all links will be affiliate links, only those that are a merchant via Skimlinks.

This does not affect your shopping experience and it does not create any extra costs to you as buyer. It means I will now be making a very small amount of money through certain links, links that would have been there regardless.


All content and images on Beauty and the Chic were created and therefore owned by Claudia Stenhouse. Please do not use any images and/or content without prior consent.

 For further information or if you have any questions or would like to work with me, please contact