Teeth Whitening With WhiteWash Nano

Whitening products are some of my favourite products to try and admittedly I only reviewed another brand a few weeks ago which you can read about here. However following on from the last brands whitening kits I have been using the WhiteWash Nano Kit* to try and keep my teeth whiter from the previous treatment. continue reading[...]

Nude Lips Roundup

Although we are now officially in Spring and I should be whipping out the pastel and brights shades, I've found myself still leaning towards my nudes and thought I would share with you all a nude lips roundup. I've always owned a lot of lip shades but I never actually wore them as much as I should, that has all changed now and I find myself sitting at home with lipstick on during the week, and I'm not[...]

Tangle Angel VS Tangle Teezer

A couple of years ago I decided to finally buy a Tangle Teezer to see what all the fuss was about. Was it really as good as everyone said it was? I personally found it to be amazing. Someone who suffers with terribly knotty hair, combing it after washing it was always a nightmare until I tried a Tangle Teezer. Then recently I was introduced to Tangle Angel, a brush that resembles the TT but has a handl[...]

Caudalie Vine[Activ] Range

This year I wanted to try more from Caudalie, a brand that I had only tried luxury samples of but had instantly wowed me. I've been trialling the new Caudalie Vine[Activ] range for about 3 weeks now and wanted to share my initial thoughts with you. The Vine[Activ] range helps protect the skin from pollution and against ageing and said to leave your skin feeling bright and youthful.continue reading[...]

Celebrating The Women In Our Lives

National Women's Day and Mother's Day both fall in March this year and to celebrate I have joined the Christy #MyGiftToHer campaign to celebrate the inspirational and strong women in our lives. I've been lucky to have a small amount of women in my life that have helped shape me and who have been there for me. This post is the perfect little treat for my mum who has done so much over the years. My Gr[...]

Mother’s Day With Biscuiteers

With Mother's Day only being a little over a week away it's time to start thinking about gifts. My previous post was sharing some lovely Fragrances For Mother's Day and today I'm sharing something a little different which would make the perfect gift for anyone. We usually treat my mum to flowers, a perfume, maybe an item of clothing and she would definitely love to receive one of these biscuit tins f[...]

Fragrances For Mother’s Day

It's never too early to start thinking about Mother's Day, it's the perfect time of year to spoil her or treat her to something fancy. My brother and I would always wake up early to pick daffodils out of the garden, make a tea and some soggy cereal, she was so lucky, however now I like to treat her to pretty things such as perfume (although this year she's not getting that, sorry mum) Choosing a fragr[...]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Counting Your Followers

Blogging has a lot of different levels to it, there's so much to consider that non-bloggers don't really understand, ASA guidelines, SEO, admin, photography, getting that perfect Instagram shot, and there's certainly a lot more to it than just uploading a post. Doing all those things essentially gets your work out there, gets us noticed and that's a good thing, our hard work should never be frowned upo[...]