Teeth Whitening With Janina

I love trying different whitening brands, I haven't been blessed with the whitest natural teeth colour so I'm always on the look out for products that do what they promise. Too often a product will promise whiter teeth from the first use or a noticeable different with just the first brush and that's never the case. I've used Crest Whitening Strips before so I know just how good they are and I always co[...]

February Planner Spreads

Last month I shared my January Planner Spreads and I definitely want to carry it on as I enjoy looking back through the month at all the pretty spreads. Some may find it chaotic but when it's your own planner you know where you write things and why and it makes sense to you but to others it may not. It's such a great way to keep memories as well, not just a planner for day to day life. continue readin[...]

Highlighting & Contouring

When contouring first came about I wasn't interested at all, I'd highlight areas on my face and that was it, now I own so many products I have to rotate them. I will use some form of a contouring product on a daily basis and I will intensify it if I'm going out on a very very rare occasion. I have a nice selection of powder and cream products and thought I would share with you some of my favourites.[...]

ColourPop Haul

I have wanted to try ColourPop for such a long time now. So many American YouTuber's that I used to watch would use their products and I always thought they looked beautiful and so reasonably priced as well. Recently I saw so many bloggers sharing their ColourPop hauls on their blogs or in Instagram photos and it made me want to try them even more, and then when a new collaboration was released I could[...]

January Planner Spreads

At the end of last year I shared my Planner Flick Through post which went down a lot better than I expected, it appears some of you love pretty planner spreads as much as me! Fellow planner addict Jaye had shared some spreads in her January Planner Flick Through post and I loved the idea so I asked Jaye's permission if I could do a similar sort of post. I love sharing the kits that I get and this wa[...]