Office Reveal

I have wanted to decorate an office space to my exact taste for such a long time. I still don't have a separate office room however our bedroom is big enough for an office space and it's so much more convenient than using my vanity, like I used to when I was living at my mum's. Running a business from home means I not only need plenty of space for laptop work but also to store my stock, supplies and a[...]

So…? Fragrances

So...? is a brand I loved during my school years, I always had a body spray in my bag, usually So...? Kiss Me. When I was asked if I wanted to collaborate with them on their new fragrances I couldn't wait, it was such a nostalgic moment and these are something I would have loved at school. continue reading[...]

MAC Fleur De Force

It's been a very long time since I bought a MAC lisptick but when I heard Fleur De Force was bringing out her very own colour I just had to have it. Fleur was actually the person that inspired me to start my own blog. I had been watching YouTube for a while and she mentioned having a blog, when I checked it out I instantly wanted to do the same. And here we are, nearly 6 years later, still writing on m[...]

Makeup Refresh

Do you ever get those days when your skin just won't do as it's told? Your makeup won't sit right but you haven't changed anything in your skincare routine, it's just being a pain? I recently had one of those days, actually one of those weeks and nothing would work for me. In times when this happens I've found that just getting a couple of new products helps sort out that issue. continue reading[...]

April Planner Spreads

My favourite time of the month, sharing my planner spreads from the previous month. I love seeing how they come together, sometimes I have a kit that I'm not sure about but once laid down it looks great. Accidentally, most of these spreads are from my own shop. When I make up a new kit I test them before selling them, just to see how they look and to check the sizes are right. I usually test them in my[...]

Stationery Haul

I spend most of my day sitting at my desk, not just when I'm working on my shop or blog but I watch tv shows and YouTube videos from my workspace as well. I'm always been a stationery lover and that's probably why I like being surrounded by pretty things. It's usually the most tidy space as well which always helps with motivation. After reading Olivia's Office Reveal post (one of my FAVE bloggers) it r[...]

How I Set Up PaperChicCo

This post has been long overdue, I've had a few questions about how I started my little business, how to tackle the tax and where I get things so I hope this post will help anyone who's looking into venturing on their own self-employed journey. Working from home has always been a goal, working from my home with my own stationery business was my ultimate dream. Here's how I set up PaperChicCo. conti[...]