The Perfect Spring Scents

Body Fantasies body mists released in the UK last year and I feel as though I have seriously been missing out. They have recently released four new scents in two sizes, 94ml which are handy purse-friending sizes and also the supersize bottles of 236ml which are exclusive to Superdrug online. continue reading[...]

Mini, Midi, Maxi With BooHoo

In the past year or so I've really changed my style, I've thrown out so many clothes to start over. Since having a baby I haven't felt comfortable in my own skin but since I've started to work out more, my confidence has slowly started to return and I feel as though I can finally start wearing the clothes I love and actually feel comfortable in them. I've added three staples added to my collection, a[...]

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria

I've only just posted a nude lips roundup but I've been meaning to share this beauty for a while now. Charlotte Tilbury's Very Victoria hasn't left my lips the past couple of weeks, I am obsessed with it. Although it is now officially spring *yay* I can't help but still pull out this as my lipstick of choice. Such an easy wearable everyday shade in a brilliant formula. continue reading[...]

March Planner Spreads

I can't believe another month has passed, March has just flown by. Another month gone means another month of my planner spreads, I love doing these posts as I like to look back on all the kits I have used. This month I have well and truly gotten into making my own kits for my shop, it's so fun and I love the creative side of it of designing the kits. If you're a planner addict like me, leave your Insta[...]

The Body Shop White Musk L’eau

Spring is finally here which means a change up in my fragrance collection. Although I love my deep sandalwood and vanilla type fragrances, spring and summer is when I opt for a lighter more fresh scent. Fragrances are expensive and I find they are more of a treat item than something people buy for themselves. The Body Shop White Musk L'eau* is not only a beautiful scent but it's a bargain in comparison[...]

Nude Lips Roundup

Although we are now officially in Spring and I should be whipping out the pastel and brights shades, I've found myself still leaning towards my nudes and thought I would share with you all a nude lips roundup. I've always owned a lot of lip shades but I never actually wore them as much as I should, that has all changed now and I find myself sitting at home with lipstick on during the week, and I'm not[...]

Tangle Angel VS Tangle Teezer

A couple of years ago I decided to finally buy a Tangle Teezer to see what all the fuss was about. Was it really as good as everyone said it was? I personally found it to be amazing. Someone who suffers with terribly knotty hair, combing it after washing it was always a nightmare until I tried a Tangle Teezer. Then recently I was introduced to Tangle Angel, a brush that resembles the TT but has a handl[...]