Learning To Drive

Learning to drive can be such a stressful time. Not just because you're learning something difficult and you want to do your best but also because it's so expensive. My driving journey has been a long one, and it has most definitely been a stressful one as well so I wanted to just share mine with you and if you're feeling worried or nervous about your test or leaning then maybe, hopefully this will hel[...]

Skinny Cocktails

SKINNY BRANDS SKINNY COCKTAILS - MARGIRITA & COSMO* With all the hot weather we've been having recently it's been the perfect time to relax in the garden. What's better than the sun, a good book and a little cocktail while you (safety) soak up the rays? I've recently been introduced to some lovely new cocktails that are perfect for a girl's night in or a BBQ. continue reading[...]

Which Fake Tan Is The Best?

In the past couple of years I started to dabble in fake tan again, a couple of gradual tanners here and there, nothing too extreme. Then with the summer approaching I decided to just get a proper one, I wanted that summery glow without exposing myself to dangerous rays. I took to Twitter and asked for your favourites with most saying Bondi Sands was the best. Today I'm going to share which fake tan i[...]

May Planner Spreads

This month has flown past and I can't believe we are nearly in June already. With the release of the new Erin Condren, I might write a comparison post with the old version and the new release, just to say what's different and what my thoughts are on both. Until then, here are my May planner spreads. continue reading[...]

Office Reveal

I have wanted to decorate an office space to my exact taste for such a long time. I still don't have a separate office room however our bedroom is big enough for an office space and it's so much more convenient than using my vanity, like I used to when I was living at my mum's. Running a business from home means I not only need plenty of space for laptop work but also to store my stock, supplies and a[...]

So…? Fragrances

So...? is a brand I loved during my school years, I always had a body spray in my bag, usually So...? Kiss Me. When I was asked if I wanted to collaborate with them on their new fragrances I couldn't wait, it was such a nostalgic moment and these are something I would have loved at school. continue reading[...]

MAC Fleur De Force

It's been a very long time since I bought a MAC lisptick but when I heard Fleur De Force was bringing out her very own colour I just had to have it. Fleur was actually the person that inspired me to start my own blog. I had been watching YouTube for a while and she mentioned having a blog, when I checked it out I instantly wanted to do the same. And here we are, nearly 6 years later, still writing on m[...]