April Planner Spreads

My favourite time of the month, sharing my planner spreads from the previous month. I love seeing how they come together, sometimes I have a kit that I'm not sure about but once laid down it looks great. Accidentally, most of these spreads are from my own shop. When I make up a new kit I test them before selling them, just to see how they look and to check the sizes are right. I usually test them in my[...]

Stationery Haul

I spend most of my day sitting at my desk, not just when I'm working on my shop or blog but I watch tv shows and YouTube videos from my workspace as well. I'm always been a stationery lover and that's probably why I like being surrounded by pretty things. It's usually the most tidy space as well which always helps with motivation. After reading Olivia's Office Reveal post (one of my FAVE bloggers) it r[...]

How I Set Up PaperChicCo

This post has been long overdue, I've had a few questions about how I started my little business, how to tackle the tax and where I get things so I hope this post will help anyone who's looking into venturing on their own self-employed journey. Working from home has always been a goal, working from my home with my own stationery business was my ultimate dream. Here's how I set up PaperChicCo. conti[...]

Skincare On Trial

With the recent change in seasons my skin just hasn't been happy, one moment it was doing great the next it was a dry mess. I've had a lot of new skincare products to try recently and wanted to share another first impressions post with you, which products I love and will continue to use and some that aren't working that well for me. I always like to have a little disclaimer with skincare as these produ[...]

The Perfect Spring Scents

Body Fantasies body mists released in the UK last year and I feel as though I have seriously been missing out. They have recently released four new scents in two sizes, 94ml which are handy purse-friending sizes and also the supersize bottles of 236ml which are exclusive to Superdrug online. continue reading[...]

Mini, Midi, Maxi With BooHoo

In the past year or so I've really changed my style, I've thrown out so many clothes to start over. Since having a baby I haven't felt comfortable in my own skin but since I've started to work out more, my confidence has slowly started to return and I feel as though I can finally start wearing the clothes I love and actually feel comfortable in them. I've added three staples added to my collection, a[...]

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria

I've only just posted a nude lips roundup but I've been meaning to share this beauty for a while now. Charlotte Tilbury's Very Victoria hasn't left my lips the past couple of weeks, I am obsessed with it. Although it is now officially spring *yay* I can't help but still pull out this as my lipstick of choice. Such an easy wearable everyday shade in a brilliant formula. continue reading[...]

March Planner Spreads

I can't believe another month has passed, March has just flown by. Another month gone means another month of my planner spreads, I love doing these posts as I like to look back on all the kits I have used. This month I have well and truly gotten into making my own kits for my shop, it's so fun and I love the creative side of it of designing the kits. If you're a planner addict like me, leave your Insta[...]