The Brush Bar

Everyone knows that brush cleaning is a chore, I'll admit I have only just washed my brushes after about a month. So gross I know but a mix of can't be bothered and actually forgetting, four weeks later I finally picked them up to clean them, before they literally grew legs and walked to the bathroom themselves. continue reading[...]

Tangle Angel New Releases

TANGLE ANGEL PRO & TANGLE ANGEL PRO COMPACT I've written about Tangle Angel before in a previous post, Tangle Angel VS Tangle Teezer, and I mentioned just how much I love the Tangle Angel. The handle is so convenient and the packaging of them is just so cute, I use mine all the time and I'm so glad I was introduced to the brand. I was recently sent the new Tangle Angle Pro* and Tangle Angel Pro Co[...]

Dior Lip Sugar Scrub

From the first time I heard about the Dior Lip Sugar Scrub I wanted to try it, I loved the sound of a lip scrub in bullet form and the pretty pink Dior packaging won me over completely. For Mother's Day this year Brent George surprised me with this beautiful product and I've been obsessed ever since. continue reading[...]

What’s Happening To PaperChicCo?

I recently shared a post about How I Set Up PaperChicCo, my small stationery business that specialised in blogger related products. If you follow my shops Twitter and Instagram then you know that things are looking a little different recently. From a new name and branding to even what I'm selling things have changed and I wanted to explain why. So, what's happening to PaperChicCo? continue reading[...]

Deichmann Summer Shoes

There's always one place that you turn to for certain things and for me when I'm looking for new affordable shoes I will always try Deichmann's. They have such a huge variety of styles to choose from and at such great prices. I was so excited when I was contacted and asked to work with them, I was asked to choose shoes for me, Brent and even George making this our first family collaboration. continu[...]

Love The Sales Wishlist

Finding gorgeous items in the sale is such a great feeling, I love snapping up something I have been lusting after for a fraction of the price. When it comes to sales though you need to know when they are coming to be able to take advantage of them. So if you could have one site that has all sale items altogether then sale shopping would be a breeze. Well, with Love The Sales you have just that. Before[...]