The Brush Bar

Everyone knows that brush cleaning is a chore, I'll admit I have only just washed my brushes after about a month. So gross I know but a mix of can't be bothered and actually forgetting, four weeks later I finally picked them up to clean the[...]

Dior Lip Sugar Scrub

From the first time I heard about the Dior Lip Sugar Scrub I wanted to try it, I loved the sound of a lip scrub in bullet form and the pretty pink Dior packaging won me over completely. For Mother's Day this year Brent George surprised me w[...]

So…? Fragrances

So...? is a brand I loved during my school years, I always had a body spray in my bag, usually So...? Kiss Me. When I was asked if I wanted to collaborate with them on their new fragrances I couldn't wait, it was such a nostalgic moment and[...]