Zara Mini City Office Bag

It’s been a while since I shared something that I was really excited about, and according to my Instagram and Twitter likes and comments, you guys are excited about this too! I rarely ever shop in Zara but when I saw someone with a lovely bag on Instagram I went on the hunt for it and ended up stumbling across the Zara Mini City Office Bag instead. And this one is perfect, in many ways.

I was after a small bag that could fit my everyday essentials in without it being too big or bulky but also had a long strap for when I’m out with George, I don’t need to worry about struggling with a handle. As soon as I saw this beautiful blush pink I knew I needed it, it sounds utterly ridiculous but I couldn’t stop thinking about this bag.

PIN IT!Priced at £29.99 it is such a bargain, such a good reasonable price for Zara. The quality of it is so beautiful, the gold hardware compliments the blush shade and the strap is the perfect length for wearing cross-body or on your shoulder. At first I did described this bag as a “pick-pockets dream” because there isn’t a fastening apart from a press stud and so you can see inside the bag. However, it’s a struggle to get my hand in with the clasp shut so we should be ok. I find that even being small, the compartments really help keep this bag practical. You can’t loose anything as it’s just the right size, everything is where you left unlike in huge bags where things you loose things for what seems forever sometimes.

PIN IT!So what can I actually fit in it? Well I put my car keys in the front flap, here they won’t scratch anything else in my bag and they are always at the ready. Inside there is a flap where I keep my phone and then there are the two compartments. One I keep my sunglasses and tissues in and the other I keep my card wallet, lip balm/lipstick and a small bottle of perfume.

I will stop gushing over a handbag now but seriously, it’s beautiful and if you’ve had it on your wishlist or you’ve been looking for something like this then I definitely say you go for it. Such a useful size to have in your collection.

Will you be checking out the Zara Mini City Office Bag?