The Brush Bar

Everyone knows that brush cleaning is a chore, I’ll admit I have only just washed my brushes after about a month. So gross I know but a mix of can’t be bothered and actually forgetting, four weeks later I finally picked them up to clean them, before they literally grew legs and walked to the bathroom themselves.

The co-founder of The Brush Bar got in contact with me a little while back and I was s intrigued by what they were offering. Two products that make cleaning your brushes quick, easy and a lot less hassle. When I wash my brushes I have to clear a whole shelf in my bathroom, balance them all along hoping the cats or George won’t knock them off. I’d also get wrinkly prune hands from having my hands under the water for so long so these two products are heaven sent.


First up we have The Brush Board* which includes six different textures to ensure your brushes are thoroughly cleaned. I used the texture for the deepest clean since it had been a while. I just added some baby shampoo to the board along with a little water, wet my brush and began swirling. The smaller brushes were done in a matter of seconds and the bigger ones a little longer. I had some brushes that had a lot of build up at the sides of the brushes that I couldn’t get to when using just my hands but now it’s all gone.

This board is $28/£21.50 and it’s just brilliant! Makes cleaning your brushes so much easier, it’s incredible and I really recommend it.


The Brush Bar* is such a clever and unique idea, I no longer have to clear an entire shelf to make room for my drying brushes, I can just use this and dry them on my vanity. The Brush Bar is a big weight with clips where you pop your brushes into and then hang them over the side of any surface. It can hold 10 brushes at a time so if you have a lot of brushes the you will want multiple of these or just do your brushes in batches. Apart from a couple of smaller brushes, these are all my brushes as I barely use any these days.

Now at $38/£29 it is an investment but it’s so useful and looks a lot tidier. I think it’s such a brilliant idea.

Shipping is $14.99 which isn’t actually that bad, I’ve seen a lot higher shipping from US companies, Erin Condren is $20 for economy and $40 for fast shipping so $15 is pretty great! Each product is sent in their own little velour bags as well which is a lovely touch, top marks for presentation.

Two unique cleaver ideas that are actually so usual, I didn’t think I needed anything like these until I actually had them and now I use them non-stop, my favourite being The Brush Board, no more dry prune hands!

Will you be checking out The Brush Bar?

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  • Kayla

    The brush bar looks really cool and is a good idea. I have so many brushes so I would need a few of those lol.

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