Which Fake Tan Is The Best?

In the past couple of years I started to dabble in fake tan again, a couple of gradual tanners here and there, nothing too extreme. Then with the summer approaching I decided to just get a proper one, I wanted that summery glow without exposing myself to dangerous rays. I took to Twitter and asked for your favourites with most saying Bondi Sands was the best. Today I’m going to share which fake tan is the best and which is my least and most favourite.

Last year I tried a couple of Cocoa Brown tanning products, I really like the Lovely Legs as it’s great for a night out or event and so easy to use. The Gentle Bronze is also a great product and the item that got me back into tanning. It provides such a lovely subtle glow thats easy to build and looks so natural. I also tried the Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan but it just did nothing for me except give me a strange tinge to my skin, it was also dark green in colour which was very odd. If you are after a gradual tanner or an instant one though, I’d highly recommend the above two.


After most people recommended this tan I bought it the following day, partly because I was curious as to whether it is in fact as good as everyone was saying and also I liked the sound of the coconut scent, I didn’t fancy smelling like biscuits all day long. From the first try I knew this was the tan for me. I like foam tanners as you can see a light colour from where you have already applied it and I feel as though they blend into the skin better. The smell is indeed of coconut which is such a lovely scent, I noticed that further into the evening that I had a very slight biscuit scent but it soon wore off following day and was left with the coconut scent. I like it so much I spend 90% of my day sniffing my own arms.

Colour wise this tanner is beautiful and so natural looking. I bought the Dark version and at first I was applying quite light layers, leaving it on all night and showering it off in the morning. Then the more I got used to it the more I’ve upped the amount I use. I love the colour is leaves, so natural and sun kissed without any streaks. I always apply my tan with a mitt but there wasn’t a single streak in any application. It blends so well and once it starts to ware off it doesn’t go patchy either, the colour just gradual fades which is brilliant. This is now my go-to tanner.

I’ve recently seen a fake tan remover by Bondi Sands and can’t wait to get that as I had a serious mishap the other day which wouldn’t budge and that sounds perfect for those situations.


I mentioned above about a mishap with a tanner and sadly it was with this product, I just can’t get on with it. It’s a spray applicator which can get really messy and if you’re not careful you will fake tan all your surroundings in the bathroom. I don’t know if everyone’s is like this but mine doesn’t actually spray like a mist like I expected but more of a water-gun, just squirts out anywhere so I have to spray it onto a mitt and then apply it. I thought I had applied it evenly but it really really hadn’t at all. I had streaks everywhere, patches that weren’t even covered even though I had done every inch of my body and I smelt and looked like a biscuit. With the Bondi Sands tanner you look like you’ve just come home from an exotic holiday, the Sunkissed tanner you look like you’ve just fake tanned and I don’t want that, I’m after the natural look. I tried to scrub this off to have another try but the patchiness just got worse and worse.

The one benefit is that it contains Argan Oil so it’s incredibly hydrating on the skin and does leave you feeling very smooth. This one and the following tanner are both alcohol and paraben free which is also great but for me that’s as far as the good points go.


Now although I have been completely put off using the above product I still wanted to give the dry oil ago as it sounds so lovely. Although this one actually sprayed out as a fine mist it was so much that it went everywhere and if I didn’t press it down enough it just dripped out over the floor. I couldn’t see where I had applied this one at all which makes things so much harder. I left this one on for 6 hours before washing it off and it did bring out my natural glow that I already had. This one luckily didn’t go streaky or patchy which is great. Although it did smell of biscuits whilst it was developing, once it had been washed off the smell disappeared. I definitely favour this one over the above spray tan.

Which fake tan is your favourite?

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  • Abi

    I’ve tried a Bondi Sands gradual tanner before which was really good, but i love the sound of it!! I use a cheap one from Superdrug and it is fab – I can’t remember the name x

    Abi | abistreetx

  • Kristy

    I’ve been debating about using a fake tan recently, but I’m very nervous after having an allergic reaction that last time I gave it ago. I love the sound of the Bondi Sands one but I can’t stand the smell of coconut so I may have to give the gradual one ago first which smells like cocoa butter.

    Kristy | http://www.thevioletblonde.com

  • Chantalle

    I am such a huge fan of Bondi Sands! I previously swore by St Tropez, but like you said the Bondi Sands one gives such a nicer more natural looking colour, that is easily buildable if you desire. I am not too much of a fan of spray tan, and I have yet to try a tanning oil mist, they both seem quite messy!

    Chantalle | http://www.ceceandgrace.blogspot.com.au