Office Reveal

I have wanted to decorate an office space to my exact taste for such a long time. I still don’t have a separate office room however our bedroom is big enough for an office space and it’s so much more convenient than using my vanity, like I used to when I was living at my mum’s. Running a business from home means I not only need plenty of space for laptop work but also to store my stock, supplies and a clean desk area for packing orders. I wanted something that was functional with lots of storage but also looked nice as well.

Although my previous space was practical and I had lots of room it wasn’t my furniture, it was my brother’s which he left from when he moved abroad. It was also black and I wanted white. Not because I’m a cliché blogger but because I have always liked white furniture, I like a light and airy feel to my living spaces. I had pulled off some wallpaper and painted the wall white so I had a clear background for any photos I wanted to take, I also applied some white adhesive to the top of the black desk. I was just working with what I had at the time but it was cluttered and looked so scruffy.

Beauty and the Chic - Office RevealPIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT!We started off by decorating the whole room, we took off the dated wallpaper and just painted the room white. It’s a very big space already but just doing this made everything look so much bigger, brighter and so much cleaner. It’s amazing what a bit of paint can do! Then I added half of the furniture, the main bulk of what I wanted. I was working in two rooms and it was so inconvenient having to keep flitting between two rooms when cutting kits and packing orders so I got all this furniture first so I could work in just one room.

Beauty and the Chic - Office RevealPIN IT! PIN IT!Finally a couple of weekends ago I added my main desk. It was the same size as the old desk which was great as it gave me lots of space but I love the drawers, they are so wide and flat and make storing things so much easier, everything is laid out in-front of me and it’s so useful, the main reason I chose this desk.

I had planned to spray paint the desk legs gold as well but since everything else was white I felt as though it blends better the way it is and then the gold chair pops. Had I only had a desk I would have sprayed it gold but along with all the other funiature I prefer the finish as it is.

PIN IT!PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT!PIN IT!For finishing touches I just added some white storage boxes and spray painted my chair legs gold. I love this chair because it’s comfortable and I like the white, although I do usually have a cover over it to protect it. I didn’t want to splash out on a new chair even though I love this black and gold one so I just opted for spraying this one for now and I am so impressed with how it turned out, I think it looks great.

I recently shared a Stationery Haul so if you are interested in where some of the gold desk items are from make sure you check that out.

IKEA Alex Desk
IKEA Alex/Linnmon Desk
IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit
IKEA Kvissle Letter Tray
IKEA Tjena White Boxes
IKEA Lack Side Table