Stationery Haul

I spend most of my day sitting at my desk, not just when I’m working on my shop or blog but I watch tv shows and YouTube videos from my workspace as well. I’m always been a stationery lover and that’s probably why I like being surrounded by pretty things. It’s usually the most tidy space as well which always helps with motivation. After reading Olivia’s Office Reveal post (one of my FAVE bloggers) it really pushed me to sort out my space. Although I liked it I wasn’t 100% happy with it so I’ve been picking up some bits here and there, things I have lusted after for a while, so here’s my recent stationery haul.

I’m currently in the process of sorting out my workspace furniture, everything I use at the moment was left by my brother when he moved to Singapore so I’m going to be replacing it all with white furniture and items that benefit me more. Now I’ve taken my shop down a slightly different route, I need the space to accommodate my cutting machine and stock. Once I have all this furniture and I’ve decorated (hopefully all next month) I will finally share a desk tour.

PIN IT!PIN IT!PIN IT!Kikki K has always been a favourite stationery shop of mine but since I don’t live close to a store and shipping is a little pricey I haven’t really bought much from there. I saw they had this gold wire tray in the sale and it’s a product I have wanted since I saw it first released. You must all know by now I love anything gold (there’s also a running theme in this post) so I had to snap it up before it sold out. I was holding off buying it for a week or so because I wanted the brass scissors however they still haven’t come back into stock so I bought this and the cute desk calendar. The calendar set was 75% off because we are in April. Once the year is up I can turn the cards around for the cute quotes.

PIN IT! PIN IT!I found this beautiful pen pot a while ago (I think it was another recommendation from Olivia) but because of the price I held off buying it. After a failed attempt at trying to buy a cheaper version, it wasn’t the size that was described on the website, I gave in and just made the splurge.

PIN IT!I spotted this letter rack on Olivia’s Instagram page but it was always sold out, luckily I checked randomly the other day and it was back so I snapped it up quick, it’s since gone out of stock again. This is perfect for holding my work planner, iPad and also makes a great phone holder as well. I also put my ready-t0-ship orders in the front. Such a great investment.

PIN IT!  The power of social media, I saw this white and gold notice board on Holly’s Instagram and she told me where to get it. Wire notice boards can be so expensive and although this one is a lot smaller than I expected/hoped for, it’s actually made a drastic difference and I love it. It also comes with the gold clips which is really handy.

PIN IT!To hold some of my stock and to just look pretty I stumbled across this set of two gold wire baskets which work really well for what I had in mind. These were such a great price as well as wire baskets can creep up in price.

PIN IT!I won the Gigi Hadid print in a giveaway on the store’s Twitter page, Chelsea Prints. It’s a stunning photo and I love how it looks above my desk. I may get a smaller frame at a later date, I’m not sure yet but for now she’s sitting pretty where she is.

2017 Desk Calendar – Kikki K
A4 Gold Wire Tray – Kikki K
Brass Pencil Holder – Amara Living
Hay Brass PaperScissors – Papersmiths
Gold Letter Rack – Kitty & Min
White & Gold Wire Notice Board – Sainsbury’s (found mine in-store)
‘God Created Gigi’ print* – Chelsea Prints
Gold Wire Baskets – B&Q

Where’s your favourite place to buy stationery?