March Planner Spreads

I can’t believe another month has passed, March has just flown by. Another month gone means another month of my planner spreads, I love doing these posts as I like to look back on all the kits I have used. This month I have well and truly gotten into making my own kits for my shop, it’s so fun and I love the creative side of it of designing the kits. If you’re a planner addict like me, leave your Instagram or blog below so I can follow you!

March Planner Spreads - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!Peony Planner – Gilded

I love this kit, it’s so beautiful. The colours and the pattern are so lovely and I think it works great for the first week of March. The quality of these stickers are great as well, they feel such high quality and the colours are so vibrant.

March Planner Spreads - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!PlannerFace

This kit is so lovely, I always love using kits by Anna as her matte paper is such great quality and the colours are always so vibrant. She also has such a huge amount of stickers in every kit and the artwork is so cute.

March Planner Spreads - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!Harriet Wright Designs

This kit was absolutely perfect for the release of the new Beauty and the Beast live action film. I adore Beauty and the Beast, hence my blog name, so I just had to use it. I also went to see the film on the Saturday so it worked out great. I’m not a huge fan of the colours but the artwork is beautiful.

March Planner Spreads - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!PaperChicCo – Pyjama Day

This kit I am espeically proud of as it’s one of mine, my favourite one that I have created so far. I wanted to use it for Mother’s Day week as the kit is about relaxing and chilling out and that’s what I planned on doing this Mother’s Day and I did, I did absolutely nothing and it was glorious. It’s the first kit that includes a big double deco box and I love how it turned out. The background colour on the big deco box has been made darker as I didn’t like how you could see through it so much so this has been changed. I love the pink faux glitter accents and the artwork of Victoria’s Secret PJ’s and Diptyque candle is gorgeous, it’s everything I love and it’s pink!

March Planner Spreads - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!Which planner spread is your favourite?PIN IT!