Tangle Angel VS Tangle Teezer

A couple of years ago I decided to finally buy a Tangle Teezer to see what all the fuss was about. Was it really as good as everyone said it was? I personally found it to be amazing. Someone who suffers with terribly knotty hair, combing it after washing it was always a nightmare until I tried a Tangle Teezer. Then recently I was introduced to Tangle Angel, a brush that resembles the TT but has a handle. It only feels rights to write a comparison post about the two, which is better? Tangle Teezer VS Tangle Angel.

PIN IT!First things first though, they have a Pet Angel line, how cute is that?! Little brushes to brush your animals fur and I couldn’t wait to test it out on my cat Merlin. Being a fluffy medium-hair cat he sheds a lot and I should brush him more often than I do but there isn’t a lot of choice on the market for pet brushes. At first he was a little hesitant but now he loves it, purrs non-stop, rubs his head against it and when I’ve stopped he follows me around the room. I think they are a great little brush for your pets.

PIN IT!PIN IT!PIN IT!I love my Tangle Teezer because it does comb through my wet hair so well, it rarely tugs or pulls making using it very comfortable, I also feel as though the bristles grip onto the hair really well. However I do find that because it doesn’t have a handle it has flown out of my hand on numerous occasions. This is where the Tangle Angel* comes in as the handle makes brushing so much easier, sadly though I don’t find the bristles on this brush to grip as well on wet hair as the TT but it’s so much more convenient and I prefer using this one on my dry hair, it just glides through my dry hair and it’s great.

They both have their pros and cons but I find having both actually works really well for me because one is for dry hair and one is for wet hair which for me is fine. I also love that the Tangle Angel has a pet line as I always thought the TT would be perfect for brushing my cats, this opens them up to a whole other market, such clever idea!

Which is your favourite? Tangle Angel, or Tangle Teezer?PIN IT!*This post contains PR samples.
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