Celebrating The Women In Our Lives

National Women’s Day and Mother’s Day both fall in March this year and to celebrate I have joined the Christy #MyGiftToHer campaign to celebrate the inspirational and strong women in our lives. I’ve been lucky to have a small amount of women in my life that have helped shape me and who have been there for me. This post is the perfect little treat for my mum who has done so much over the years.

PIN IT!My Grandma was funny and quirky, she tried to cut her easter egg up with scissors and referred to computer viruses as infections. But most importantly she was one of the kindest women ever. Sadly she was taken too soon from us, 3 years this year and I would do anything to have just one more day, one more hour with her. My sister who’s also my best friend, my shopping partner, fellow planner enthusiast and a funny, silly sister that I’m lucky to call mine. Generous, kind and so smart.

PIN IT!PIN IT!PIN IT!PIN IT!My mum was the coolest mum at school, all my friends said they wished my mum was theirs because she was so cool and nice. She brought up three kids on her own, put us all through dancing, paid for me to attend the performing arts college that I desperately wanted to go to, survived Breast Cancer and not once did she complain throughout her treatment. Never felt sorry for herself or questioned why me, she simply got on with it because she wanted to get better. She would have her chemo, have a week off and then go back to work and continued that cycle for six treatments, that is inspirational.

Celebrating The Women In Our Lives - 2PIN IT!Celebrating The Women In Our Lives - 2PIN IT!I wanted to be a part of this campaign because not only does my mum love the Christy brand, I thought it would be a lovely way to treat her and she was so excited when I told her about this, but because she’s given so much to me over the years. We had a great time shooting these photos in our lovely Christy robes* with croissants and champagne. This little pamper box is only a very small part of giving back to her. Success isn’t measured by how much money you have, it’s measured by happiness and to have a son living in Singapore who’s worked in numerous countries performing and now has a web design business, a sister who’s a qualified pharmacist, and me, a mother of one and running my own little business, I think she did amazingly well. I hope she’s proud of us all.

PIN IT!After everything she has given me over the years emotionally and physically #HerGiftToMe is simply being my mum. She’s asked me over the years if she should have done things differently and my answer has always been the same, no I wouldn’t change a thing.

PIN IT!*The pamper box was kindly gifted to us by Christy for the purpose of this campaign.