Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Counting Your Followers

Blogging has a lot of different levels to it, there’s so much to consider that non-bloggers don’t really understand, ASA guidelines, SEO, admin, photography, getting that perfect Instagram shot, and there’s certainly a lot more to it than just uploading a post. Doing all those things essentially gets your work out there, gets us noticed and that’s a good thing, our hard work should never be frowned upon. Seeing our blogs and social media platforms grow is always a great achievement, a wonderful feeling, so why do we feel bad counting the numbers? Here’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed of counting your followers.

When I see a tweet or a sentence in a post say, “I know it’s not about the numbers but I reached 2,000 followers” for example, it upsets me a bit because adding in the part about the numbers to me diminishes the impact of your achievement. People seem to be worried that others will think they are only in this business for the wrong reasons but that’s not the case. You should be proud of every milestone you reach, whether that be 100 followers or 100,000 followers, we all work hard on our content and blogs and that should be recognised. I’m not saying numbers are everything, I’m simply saying don’t be ashamed to celebrate the milestones you reach.

Of course there’s a lot more to blogging than just growing your numbers but seeing those numbers change is an amazing feeling, it’s wonderful to see hard work pay off. I’ve always loved photography and beauty, and writing has always been a passion of mine from a very early age so blogging is a great way for me to harness all those interests together, followers and working with brands are just perks. No one should feel discouraged for wanting to grow their audience, for wanting to see their Instagram or Bloglovin’ number get closer to their milestone. Just because you want to reach more people doesn’t mean you’re only in it for the numbers. Buying followers is only being in it for the numbers.

Sadly at the moment more followers means more work or bigger brands noticing you, micro bloggers are becoming more recognised in that they reach their smaller audiences just as well if not better than a blogger with a larger audience, however everyone still strives to reach more people, to produce amazing content and incredible photos. As soon as you share a post on any social media platform you are essentially saying “Look at my new content, look what I’ve created” because we want people to see our work and in the hope of liking what they see, that they will follow us to see our future work. What is wrong with that?

PIN IT!I personally don’t see anything wrong with celebrating your following, celebrating when you reach a milestone, we don’t need to justify our achievements by putting a damper on it by saying “I know it’s not about the numbers but…” we all know a sentence followed with “but” ruins what’s going to be said after. We all work hard on our blogs and the followers are a bonus, we all share content new and old because we want our work to be seen and to be heard, we know you’re not in it for the freebies and to just chase numbers so be proud of your numbers.

Everyone works hard to grow their audience because that number count makes us feel as though we are achieving something, makes us feel like our hard work is paying off and that is why I like tracking my followers. It makes me feel like all those hours I spend at my laptop writing or editing, are worth it, the times I’m supposed to be watching a film with my partner but I’m actually still writing a post or networking on numerous platforms, are worth it, the times I rush around like a headless chicken trying to do as much work as I can whilst my son sleeps is worth it, that number makes me feel as though what I am doing is right and that it is interesting and loved and that makes me feel good and I am not ashamed to admit that. I want my blog to continue to grow, I work so hard on it and there’s no shame in saying that I want it to reach a wider audience. Not because I want to work with more brands or bigger brands, but because knowing more and more people are reading and actually enjoying what I waffle on about makes me feel good, I finally feel as though I have found my true passion and I want to share that.

There isn’t anything wrong with counting your followers and being excited over your latest achievements. If you’re buying followers or blogging just to get freebies then you are in it for the wrong reasons but tracking your blogs growth and being excited by your numbers going up isn’t a part of that.

We should all celebrate our blogs, our writing, photography, our social media platforms because it is tough! There are so many aspects to creating content and it’s all time consuming, we pour our heart and souls into our work to create the best quality content and that should be acknowledged. Next time you reach a milestone that you’re proud of and want to share it, delete the part which says I know it’s not about the following but, just tweet “I reached 2,000 followers today, thank you all so much!” That is an achievement, you’re proud of your work and so are your followers.

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  • Ariadna

    YESSS, loved reading this post and I totally agree with you. Reaching milestones feels great, even if I’m not blogging for the followers it feels great to see that people like my content and support me! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • Riss💕

    Thanks! Great post! Love this because it definitely feels good to know that people are actually reading and enjoying my content. Especially because I am so new to blogging. Gives you an understanding of what content brought the most followers to you as well.

  • Parie Joshi

    Love, love and even more love this post. Blogging is about everything combined! x

  • ChaRlotte

    I couldn’t agree more with this post if I tried! It’s so true when people say it’s not about the numbers, but celebrating when you reach certain milestones and goals is something to never be ashamed of!

    Lovely post! xx

  • Ashlynn

    Very well said. It really is difficult to tell what a person on the other side of a tweet or comment is thinking – maybe they really are super excited to have reached those numbers. We all get excited, but we don’t share it, because of “what it might look like” to other people – it might appear that’s all we care about. That’s obviously not true in most cases. I do believe that there is a tactful way to go about it; however, people get offended by almost everything these days, so we may as well just keep doing what we want. Keep reaching those goals!

  • Diana

    This definitely needed to be said, and I am so glad you shared this! I completely agree, there is more to blogging than numbers but there’s no need to be ashamed of feeling grateful for your followers. When the number grows, it feels as though your hard work is paying off, so why not celebrate? Thanks for this refreshing read!


  • Olivia Silk


  • Natalie Redman

    Totally agree that we should celebrate our achievements. We are always so critical of ourselves.