Teeth Whitening With Janina

I love trying different whitening brands, I haven’t been blessed with the whitest natural teeth colour so I’m always on the look out for products that do what they promise. Too often a product will promise whiter teeth from the first use or a noticeable different with just the first brush and that’s never the case. I’ve used Crest Whitening Strips before so I know just how good they are and I always compare results to that brand.

I recently had the chance to try some products from Janina, a teeth whitening brand that I have seen in Boots and nearly bought on numerous occasions but for some reason always changed my mind. Now I’ve tested the products for nearly three weeks I thought I would share my honest thoughts on them.


Such a strange concept for a toothpaste but I was so intrigued to give it a try, this is the product I kept picking up in store. Charcoal is said to be a great ingredient to help lift stains and after the amount of tea I drink I need something like this. Brushing my teeth with a blackish toothpaste is so odd but this product does work. It was the first one I tried when they arrived and I did notice a slight difference in the colour after the first brush. It was only slight but it’s a great product to use to maintain the whiteness. It also leaves you with really fresh breath.


This is one of my favourite products out of everything, I notice such a huge different every time I use it. I’ve never heard of a foam product for teeth before but this one is great. It has an ingredient called sodium percarbonate which reacts to water or saliva to form a teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide, and once you’ve finished brushing you’re not supposed to rinse your mouth or eat/drink for 15 minutes to allow the product to work for longer. Such an interesting concept and it honestly does work, my teeth feel so clean and look so much brighter after using this.


So this product is great for people on the go as it’s handbag size and doesn’t require any brushing or water, you just spray it in your mouth and swish it around and it’s said to whiten the teeth and give a kick or freshness. Personally I have only used this twice as I’m always in such a rush out and about now and forgot I even had it. I love the idea of it though and think it would be so useful for flights or long journeys.


The product I was most excited about and had high expectations for. This product includes 10 pre-filled trays, five for the lower mouth and five for the upper. You can use them as an intensive five day treatment, leaving them on for 35 minutes every time and it’s said to whiten the teeth by a minimum of 7 shades. Sounds impressive! I used them two days in a row and then had a couple of days break, then I used another one. My teeth where instantly brighter and white from just the first use, I can’t believe how much the stains have lifted. I suffer with sensitive teeth and after the two days use, I used my Sensodyne toothpaste just to help with the little bit of sensitivity that I was experiencing and then I tried a third day of using the trays. I feel like the three day treatment has whitened them enough for my liking and the toothpaste and foam help maintain the brightness, I will use the other two trays when I want a boost. So impressed with this product and definitely the best I have tried. I thought I would have an issue with them being uncomfortable but once they were in position they were fine.

Whilst using this brand I have experienced a lot less sensitivity than with other whitening products, and for that reason it puts Janina above any other whitening brand, including Crest because I get severe sensitivity with them. I’m so impressed with this brand and it’s definitely one I will continue to buy because the results are brilliant and so noticeable.

*These products are currently on offer in Boots so it’s the perfect time to give them a try!*

What’s your favourite teeth whitening brand?

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  • Parie Joshi

    These sound amazing, its so great that you can whiten teeth without paying a fortune! xx