Shadow Switch

Have you ever been half way through a smokey eye when you realise you have run out of brushes? Yeah, I thought so, me too! Well today’s post will intrigue you, you may or may not have heard about Shadow Switch* before, I saw a couple of bloggers reviewing it last year and now it’s my turn. It sounds like a promising product, but does it live up to it’s expectations?

So what is Shadow Switch? It’s a dry brush cleaner by Beauty Essentials that to me resembles a scouring sponge. I will admit that I was dubious when it arrived in the post, how can just a dry sponge clean your makeup brushes?

PIN IT!Although it looks it the sponge inside doesn’t actually feel that rough but the colour from the brush bristles seems to cling to the sponge and in short it cleans your brushes. I swirl my dirty eyeshadow brushes around it a few times and most of the time it does come out clean, some shades take a little extra work but for the most part it really does work.

This really couldn’t be a more simple but effective product, I don’t know how many times I’ve fluffed up my eyeshadow because I didn’t have a clean brush but now I don’t have that problem, you can easily switch between shades using just one brush. Simple and easy but with great results.

PIN IT!PIN IT!As you can see the dark shades don’t come off fully but it comes off enough to be able to use the brush in a different colour without messing up your look. The light shades on the other hand work really well with this product.

To clean your sponge you just wash it in warm unscented soapy water and let it dry fully. It’s also recommended to change the sponge every two months as it does wear down and for hygiene reasons as well. I don’t know if you can buy just a sponge insert but for just £5.99 it’s not really going to break the bank and that works out to just £3 a month.

PIN IT!I’m really impressed withe Shadow Switch, it makes applying a smokey eye so much more practical, especially if you’re in a hurry or haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes, I still need to do mine! I’d definitely recommend checking this product out, see for yourself just how useful it is.

Have you tried Shadow Switch?

PIN IT!*PR sample