Living Room Wishlist

This year our goal is to move out, hopefully by this summer with any luck, so since the year began I have been searching for the perfect pieces for our new home. It’s one of my favourite things to do, I’ve longed for my own space for such a long time as I just want to decorate it exactly how I want it. Growing up I changed my room around all the time and to finally be able to decorate an entire place to my taste excites me greatly.

Sophia 3 Seater Sofa & Sophia Armchair – I love the look of grey material sofas and this set is so perfect, minus the cushions because I really don’t like them but the style is perfect. I also love the look of the matching footstool as it’s also a storage box as well.

KATE Cushion Covers – These patterned cushion covers are so pretty, the black and gold geometric print would really add a cool pop of print to the room. I love them so much, I’d get two to have on either side of the sofa and maybe one for the armchair as well.

Next Rug – This plush rug in a darker grey colour would go perfectly and would really compliment the sofa and blush pink shades that I want to add in. It also looks so comfortable!

Alana Brass Side Table – This gold side table is just perfect for me and my taste, it has me written all over it! I’d love to have this next to my sofa with just a lamp and space for a drink, just a clean and elegant touch.

MiniSun Angus Lamp – I love the shape of this quirky lamp and think it would look great on the brass side table. The shape is so unusual but it still has a simplicity about it being black. It also comes in a copper bass if you prefer that.

VITTSJÖ Shelving – I have always been a fan of the VITTSJÖ line from IKEA, it’s so simple but still stylish and you can dress it up however you want. You could pack these shelves full of books, DVD’s, toys or simply decorate it with pretty things like I shall be doing. We pretty much want everything from this line for our home.

Tripod Lamp – I love this lamp so much which is strange as I never used to be a fan of the tripod lamps but that has since changed. I’d love to have this tucked behind one end of the sofa, making that corner a cosy reading nook, I can just image myself there now!

Kate Spade All In Good Taste Book & Chanel Book – I’m so excited to get a coffee table just so I can put numerous pretty coffee table books on it. I love the look of these two and also some kind of National Geographic type book would be perfect.

Block Coloured Throw – I spotted this throw at the weekend and I love it so much, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, I love the mix of light grey, blush pink and cream, it’s so perfect and super soft too, it also comes in a pretty mint green shade.

Pickett Wall Clock – I found such a stunning black and gold clock online however it was an eye watering £180 and as much as I’d love to splash the cash on it, I just can’t. I found this as a great alternative, I love the grey and gold on this one and it’s a respectable £29.

Where are your favourite places to shop for home items?