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It’s come to that time of year when we have to take take care of ourselves, especially our skin. The cold winds mixed with the dry air from the heating can cause the skin to become dry and dull. I have started to notice a big difference with my skin and so I thought I would share my head to toe body care essentials to keep yourself in tip top shape this winter.

There’s nothing better than soaking in a long hot bath or shower, I personally love sitting on the shower floor and just letting the hot water hit my back, so relaxing…just me? For the Sunday’s that I want to pamper myself I have a long hot bath and always use a Lush product or two. Autumn Leaf is featured in the photograph however I pretty much love any bath bomb or bubble bar from Lush, anything that have a powerful sent and beautiful colours.

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Before I start on my pamper routine I use the Soft & Gentle Daily Shower Wash* nothing too fancy since I have a lot of products on my pamper nights. This smells so refreshing and since it’s pH balanced, part of their new pH balanced range, it means it’s suitable for even the most intimate skin.

Then comes the laborious task of shaving but before that can commence I always use a body scrub to buff away any dead skin and tackle any ingrown hairs, this provides a closer longer lasting shave. I have been loving the Bean Body Coco Berry Coffee Scrubas it smells great and seriously scrubs up a treat. The scrubs include coconut oil and vitamin E so it’s no surprise that I’m left with super soft skin that feels incredible to touch. If you’re not a fan of coffee this product is most definitely not for you but a coffee addict, you will love it!

Now I used to be the kinda girl that when A/W came I very rarely picked up my razor however I now shave as much as I would in Summer, I just love the feeling of smooth silky legs. I thought that only a Gillet shave cream suited me however I’ve recently discovered that the Soft & Gentle 2-in-1 Shower & Shave Mousse* works so much better than any other shaving cream I’ve ever used. Obviously being 2-in-1 means it’s super handy for travel but it foams up so well and lets me achieve such a close shave and my legs are left feeling so soft and smooth. This product is also part of the new pH balanced range which means it’s perfect for using on your bikini area. Needs must ladies, I’m far too scared to get my hoo-ha out to a stranger for waxing.

I’ve also been using the Soft & Gentle Hair Minimiser Deodorantevery day since I received it. Does it minimize hair growth? I must admit, I really haven’t noticed a difference however it is a great deodorant, it smells great, doesn’t leave any white marks and I actually feel protected with it. Unlike some I have tried that leave me questioning the air around me and whether that smell is from me. We’ve all been there I’m sure.

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Moisturiser is essential all year round but particularly important in the colder months as the cold air and central heating can be damaging and drying for the skin. To protect my skin and to sooth my legs after a fresh shave I love using a moisturiser from The Body Shop. They are one of my favourite body brands, I used every last drop of their Japanese Camelia Cream as it was so incredible, luckily I have the Mango Body Butter* to take it’s place which smells insanely goodalmost good enough to it. It’s the perfect finishing touch for my smooth legs.

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I only ever used to pluck my eyebrows, I had them in a shape I liked and didn’t really trust anyone else doing them. However I was recently introduced to an at home waxing brand, Parissa, and I’ve now become obsessed with their Eyebrow Design Kitas it’s become the product that I love but never thought I needed. I will be writing a full review on all the waxing products I have as it’s an impressive at home waxing brand and deserves so much more attention. For now though I will say that my eyebrows look amazing after using these strips. I only use them on the top and sides of my brows to tidy up the stray hairs and they look so neat, I instantly saw a difference in my brows once I had finished.

A couple of extra steps for me is looking after my lips and sorting out my mop of hair when I can’t be bothered to wash it. A quick spritz of the Colab Dry Shampoo* always helps my two day old hair, this Tokyo one smells so refreshing and helps a little with the greasiness. Having a handy travel size is essential for my handbag. And finally, to take care of my lips in this weather I use any lip balm I can find, I have so many that I like but I personally love the scent of the EOS lip balmsplus the packaging is really cute. I’ve always wanted to try the Coconut Milk EOS lipbalm, it sounds so nice.

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That’s it for my pamper nights and body care essentials. A lot of products that do a world of good for my skin. I can’t wait to share more from Parissa as I feel like I’ve finally found a brilliant at home waxing brand.

What are your body care essentials?

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*This post contains PR samples & is in collaboration with EOS Lip Balm, however all thoughts & opinions are my own & 100% honest.