Lush Monster’s Ball

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Lush haul featuring some of the products from their Halloween collection (post hereand wanted to share some of the products in separate posts. I decided to use Lush Monster’s Ball first as it just smelt amazing and from the little video the Lush website, I knew it was going to be a colourful display.

The little guy is so cute, I loved the look of this one straight away. With a sweet floral scent, it was very uplifting and the bathroom still had a lingering scent the next day, it smelt incredible. As for the colourful display….

Lush Monster's Ball - 2PIN IT! Lush Monster Ball - 4PIN IT! Lush Monster Ball - 4PIN IT!

It definitely lived up to it’s expectations, the colours were so pretty. At first it was a mixture of just light and bright pink and then suddenly darker colours dispersed and the water turned a beautiful midnight blue. It was stunning. This bath bomb reminded me a little bit of Intergalactic bath bomb only minus the glitter and a little lighter.

For £4.25 it’s definitely on the higher end of the bath bomb price scale, you could easily cut it in half and get two uses out of it however I have always loved using the entire thing all at once. I tend to have baths on a Sunday night as a little pamper so I don’t mind using it all in one go.

Have you tried Monster’s Ball? What’s your favourite Lush product?

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    Love the effect in the water 😀

  • Becky

    I really wish I’d picked one of these up now but I’ve been so busy recently it kind of slipped my mind. I love the sound of a midnight blue coloured bath. Lots of colours sound good until you’re lying in a bath that looks like you’re either bleeding into or had a wee in! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty