Halloween Biscuits

For George’s birthday next month I am planning on making a lot of baked goods for his little party that we are holding. In order to practice for that event I’ve started baking some new things that I haven’t tried before. Last Christmas I made some sugar cookies and so I thought I would try some biscuits too. I love the company Biscuiteers, their products look so incredible and their decorative skills are insane, I only wish I could be as talented however I can finally make my own yummy biscuits at home.

I bought the Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits which is the best recipe book I own so far. Not only does it have different flavoured recipes, it goes into detail on how to make the best dough and how to store it, how to master royal icing (something I used to struggle with) three different ways to make the icing and finally, it teaches you how to ice loads of different biscuit designs that they sell in their shop. There’s so much information with lots of detail, it’s brilliant and so helpful.

Halloween Biscuits - 2PIN IT! Halloween Biscuits - 3PIN IT!

I used the vanilla biscuits recipe however I’m not going to share it on here as I don’t want to get into trouble. I tried Googling vanilla recipes and I couldn’t find any that had the same ingredients as Biscuiteers so if you want to try your hand at these super yummy biscuits, you’ll just have to get the book yourself  – *winky eyed emoji*

I ended up making another batch as I wasn’t happy with my previous images and since the biscuits had all been devoured I needed to make some more. This time I tried a couple of different shapes and colourings. The decorating this time was pretty horrendous, the bats are the only design I’m semi happy with, the rest ended up looking shocking but I’m a lot happier with the images and they still taste great.

For cutters I bought a pack of 6 from Asda from their Halloween collection, they are a bit flimsy but they do the job okay. For the black colouring in my first batch (see image 6) I used a black gel colouring by Dr Oetker however I had to use the entire tube to get a good colour and it still didn’t turn black, just a mid grey. For my second batch which are the ones in the majority of the photos I used Colour Splash colouring which was amazing, the bats dried a lot darker and are nearly black, had I used more colouring they would have been darker but I’m happy with how they turned out.

Halloween Biscuits - 4PIN IT! Halloween Biscuits - 5PIN IT! Halloween Biscuits - 3PIN IT!Halloween Biscuits - 7PIN IT!

I’m pleased with how they both turned out, my first attempt at this recipe was better than my second. I’m hoping to make more Christmas biscuits and be more adventurous with the decoration this year so I better get practicing! It’s actually a lot easier than I thought, getting the consistency is probably the trickiest bit but I managed to do it ok this time.

You’ve still got time to try your hand at some Halloween Biscuits and if you do, be sure to tag me on either Instagram or Twitter, I’d love to see.

Have you tried any baking recently?

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