The Ultimate Halloween Horror Film List

Horror is my favourite genre of film to watch, I’m obsessed with them and I must have seen over 100 so far this year. I watch anything from the latest box office to B movies that make me cringe. Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year (obviously) so I thought I would share the ultimate Halloween horror film list featuring some of my favourites and a few extra. Most of these aren’t for the faint hearted so if you’re not a horror buff this list probably isn’t for you.

Ultimate Halloween Horror Film List - 2PIN IT!

Thrillers – (Starting light, these are scary/jumpy/full of tension but don’t fit in the other categories)

– Emelie
– Final Destination (personal preference: 1 & 3)
– Frozen (not that Frozen)
– Eden Lake
– The Uninvited (Probably the least scariest of all, just a good storyline)
– Satanic
– 13 Sins
– Agoraphobia
– The Invitation
– The Pyramid
– Aftershock
– The Ward
– The Hitcher
– The Stepfather (remake or original)
– Fear Island
– Orphan
– Cry Wolf
– The Ruins
– Backcountry
– The Facility
– The Forest
– Bloodwork
– Tell Me How I Die
– The Purge
– The Purge: Anarchy


– Sorority Row
– Scream
– Girl House
– Friday the 13th (remake)
– Nightmare on Elm Street (original)
– My Bloody Valentine (remake)
– Black Christmas (remake)
– Halloween (remake)
– I Know What You Did Last Summer 1 & 2
– Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (part of the original series)
– Urban Legends
– Urban Legends: Bloody Mary
– See No Evil
– Midnight Meat Train


– Hush
– The Strangers
– Them (French w/ English subtitles)
– Ratter
– Kristy (one of my faves)
– In Fear
– The Gift
– The Sacrament
– Carrie (remake or original, both are good)
– As Above So Below
– Decent 1 & 2

Hillbilly/Crazy Peeps

– The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2
– Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning
– Texas Chainsaw Massacre (NOT the 2013 3D version as this is a follow on from the 1980’s versions not these)
– Wrong Turn
– High Lane (French w/ English subtitles)
– Cold Prey 1 & 2 (Norwegian w/ English subtitles)
– Wolf Creek 1 & 2
– The Green Inferno
– House of Wax (remake)

Possession (My least favourite style of film so there aren’t many)

– The Conjuring
– The Exorcist (original not the TV show)
– The Exorcism of Emily Rose
– The Lazarus Effect
– Amityville Horror (remake with Ryan Reynolds – not possession as such but similar)
– Clown (again, not full on possession but similar)
– Evil Dead (remake – I hate it but others have liked it)


– Cabin Fever (original)
– The Demented
– Carriers
– The Crazies
– Contracted
– World War Z
– Viral
– The Rezort
– Summer Camp
– 28 Days Later
– 28 Weeks Later
– Pandemic
– Dawn of the Dead
– Land of the Dead
– Diary of the Dead
– REC 1 & 2 (Spanish w/ English subtitles)
– Quarantine (English remake of REC)
– Dead Rising: Watchtower
– Dead Rising: Endgame
– The Returned
– Splinter
– Zombieland (black comedy)
– Shaun of the Dead (black comedy)


– Friend Request
– Unfriended
– Devil
– The Women In Black (my all time favourite & the only film that actually scares me – The play is a must see!)
– Last Shift
– Insidious 1 & 2
– Blair Witch
– Annabel
– Dead Silence
– Husk
– Paranormal Activity 2 (the others are naff)
– 1408
– The Others
– The Gallows
– Quija
– The Veil
– The Ring (1 & 2)
– The Grudge
– Ghost Ship
– The Orphanage (Spanish w/ English subtitles)
– Shutter (US remake)
– Lights Out
– Sinister

All The Gore

– Saw 1-7 (if you watch the entire series the storyline is so well-thought out it’s brilliant)
– Hostel 1 & 2

TV Shows

– Containment
– Slasher
– Supernatural (amazing!)
– Ash VS Evil Dead (black comedy series)
– Scream TV series (brilliant – on Netflix)
– The Walking Dead

Ultimate Halloween Horror Film List - 2PIN IT!

If you have any suggestions please leave them below, I love movie recommendations and definitely need some new horror ones!

Enjoy your Halloween!



  • kissandmakeupsbeautyblog

    OMG I love this! I absolutely love thrillers and horror movies 🙂 The Descent is one of my favorites.

  • Claire

    Orphan and Frozen are definitely two of my personal favorites, as is Drag Me To Hell, I absolutely love it. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched and re-watched The Walking Dead, it’s just fantastic!

    xxx Claire

    • Claudia

      They are films that not a lot of people have seen so I’m thrilled to hear you love them too. I do like Drag Me To Hell as well and I forgot to add that so thank you!! xx

  • Becky

    I started watching the saw films but have got more squeamish as I’ve got older and I just can’t stomach them anymore! I’m definitely a supernatural/paranormal film fan (I am a Parapsychologist!) and you’re right about The Woman in Black play, so good. The only problem for me was people keep screaming all the time! I actually saw the film first and was a bit disappointed by it x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    • Claudia

      The storyline of SAW is so brilliant, every little detail is so well thought out, just need to look past all the blood and gore which can be hard. You’re a Parapsychologist?!?!? Omg that is amazing!!! What an amazing career, I bet your course was so exciting and interesting. Oh yeah, damn those screamers!! I’ve seen the show four times now and although I know the scares are coming they still get me, knowing she’s actually there in the theatre really has me on the edge of my seat. Shame you were disappointed with the film, I love that The Women In Black is the actual lady who plays her in the London shows 😀 xx