Prop Ideas

Getting prop ideas for photographs can be a struggle, espeically if you want to stand out from other bloggers and be different with your images. I have recently shared a couple of tips posts which have gone down so well so I thought I would share another one for you all. Today’s post is all about prop ideas and I really hope you find it useful.

I see a lot of bloggers say that they store all their props in a box and get them out for photographs however I have never done this. I’m talking big things like candles, trays, ornaments etc, I only buy these types of props if I am actually going to use them and decorate my space with them, the rest are items I already have. Buying loads of props can also get very expensive so I wanted to share a few items that you can use that won’t break the bank but will look beautiful in your photographs.

Prop Ideas - 2PIN IT!Wrapping/tissue paper
Both are really affordable as you can get a 5 pack of tissue paper for £1 and a pretty sheet of wrapping paper for maybe a bit more, depends where you buy. However I like to be really thrifty and save pretty coloured tissue paper from deliveries or even presents. Yes I’m the girl that hoards her birthday paper, sshh I got it from my mum.

Pencils, pretty pens, paper clips, notebooks, staplers, anything that matches my theme so typically I buy gold stationery and pastel notebooks. These are things that I already use and hoard so unless I find something that really rocks my socks I stick to what I already have. I purchased some Kate Spade stationery but only because I’ve lusted after it for years and I knew it would get used – ignores the travel mug that’s still wrapped up. Utterly shameless plugPaperChicCo are totally blog prop worthy, just a heads up *winky eyed emoji*

Prop Ideas - 7PIN IT!Candles
Obviously guys this is a given, although I find them super awkward to photograph so I don’t typically use them. I only buy candles that I like the scent of and have a plan for the jar afterwards. I bought the black Calm candle from H&M the other day because it has a destiny of becoming my pencil pot, it also smells amazing. These gold Ambience ones are unscented but are super cheap and look great, they are also on sale now.

Beauty products
– Makeup is obviously the best blog prop as let’s face it, we already have Muji drawers full of the stuff. I just like to choose pieces that look ascetically pleasing or fit my colour theme.
– Brushes are also fabulous props but personally I only use them if they are clean, dirty brushes make me want to vom just a little.
– Hair clips are a hard one as I always thought they were a bit of an odd prop….until I found gold ones in H&M for £1.99 and I was all over them! Now they suit my theme I like them and feel like they fit in.

Prop Ideas - 5PIN IT!Faux/real flowers
Aldi have a great selection of real flowers that actually last so well. You can get beautiful bundles to make a bouquet for just over £5. The cheaper option however is to just buy faux ones, I have a little vase of faux cream peonies from Next, they aren’t available online however I have seen them in store still.

This is a great option for Autumn as a majority of us already have these items it’s just a case of pulling the right piece for the photo. This year I finally bought a nice knitted grey throw as I’ve always wanted one, a plaid autumnal throw is next on my list! Plaid shirts, scarves, throws of any colour always looks cute, as does simple grey/cream throws, depending on your colour theme, as always I stick to neutral.

Prop Ideas - 2PIN IT!Technology
If I post a photo with gadgets in I’m not being an arrogant twat saying “look at my stuff” it’s generally because I love the look of tech stuff in images. Apple laptops on a white fluffy bed are my absolute favourite shots, they make me want to curl up in bed and blog and the best part, we all own some form of gadget be it a phone/laptop/computer/pad. If you’re struggling to fill a space I always pop my laptop there and it usually always works.

Greeting cards/prints
You can get some really cute prints from Etsy that you can print out at home, they always look pretty in the backgrounds of photos. Greeting cards also look cute and can be really affordable, Next have some lovely cards and always have a 4 for 3 deal going. If you do some form of scrapbooking and have journaling cards don’t forget to use these as well. I have so many Project Life cards but forget to use them.

Prop Ideas - 8PIN IT!Magazines
Chances are you have a magazine lying around somewhere, I rarely buy them but when I do I keep them for a few months and use them in photographs. Mainly I turn to the beauty pages and use them the most but any part of the magazine works great, especially the cover.

Coffee/tea shots
I don’t know why these images please me but they do and they are totally free to create, unless you want a fancy coffee shop shot that is!

Prop Ideas - 6PIN IT!My favourite place for beautiful homeware that will actually get used is definitely H&M, their products are always spot on and so on trend, not to mention great affordable prices. I hope this post has helped you and leave any prop suggestions you have below.

What’s your favourite photo prop?