George’s 10 Month Update

I haven’t shared any updates on George since he turned 6 months so I thought it was about time I did a post on George’s 10 month update. If you follow me on Snapchat (beautychic818) you will probably have seen him grow, the milestones he’s reached and lots of pictures of him sleeping as he looks so cute! He turned 10 months on 28th September, I can’t quite believe just how quickly this past year has gone. I can’t wait to celebrate his 1st birthday, we’ve started to arrange it and pick out some toys for him and it’s so much fun.

George started to crawl on the day he turned 9 months, sadly Brent and I missed it as we were at a BBQ but it couldn’t be helped. He does it with one leg up and kinda goes a bit sideways like a crab. It’s a cute and a funny unique way and apparently his cousin Ivy did the same crawl but with the opposite leg up. I can’t pinpoint the exact day but roughly a couple of weeks later he started to pull himself up on furniture and waddle along by himself, he’s so fast at moving now but I love seeing his scuttle across the floor. If I’ve left the room he follows me and I just see his head pop up with a grin on his face, so adorable.

He’s also been waving for a long time now, and at everybody! People in the Post Office queue, in the street, sometimes even at the TV when people are saying bye. Everyone says it’s like a royal wave, it’s so funny to see!

George's 10 Month Update - 2PIN IT!georges-10-month-update-3PIN IT!George's 10 Month Update - 4PIN IT!georges-10-month-update-6PIN IT!George's 10 Month Update - 8PIN IT!georges-10-month-update-9PIN IT!George's 10 Month Update - 10PIN IT!George's 10 Month Update - 12PIN IT!George's 10 Month Update - 13PIN IT!George's 10 Month Update - 14PIN IT!George's 10 Month Update - 11PIN IT!He’s into everything now and we bought him more toys a while back as he was getting bored of his old ones, apparently the bin is more interesting than a rattle now. Although he is harder to look after now, he has tantrums if we take stuff away from him (the cats toys, the cat food etc) we’ve found a routine that works for us. I used to get a bit stressed as I couldn’t get any work done but I’ve just unloaded some stuff off, do what I can while he’s occupied or sleeping and then I stay with him the rest of the time. He’s quite good that he will just play by himself for ages and he loves it.

Brent woke me up yesterday morning saying that he had been watching the Teletubbies and when they said “again, again” George mimicked them and said it too, I’m so sad I missed it but there will be plenty of other times to hear his little voice. He’s also got eight teeth now so goodbye cute gummy smile!

I think that’s it for now, it won’t be long until he’s walking as he is using his walker by himself, I’m looking forward to the days where he holds my hand and waddles along side me. It was so fascinating seeing his growth during pregnancy, I was recently introduced to Pregnancy Calculator which is a great website to track yours and babies progress, I loved reading about how George was growing and I love seeing him change now. Most mums get upset and want their newborn back but I much prefer him this age and can’t wait to do stuff with him as he gets older. Yes he’s easier when he just sleeps all day long but there’s nothing better than him climbing on me for a cuddle and nuzzling his head into mine, I love that he can connect more with us now and his growing so much everyday, I find it exciting.

Have you recently had a baby? How are you finding it?


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