Brand Focus – Avéne

I’ve talked about Avéne a lot over the past year or so therefore it’s only fair that they have their very own Brand Focus post. A skincare brand that’s made especially for sensitive skin, it’s seriously helped sort mine out and I’ve discovered some staple products that I will continue to use for a long time. Today I wanted to share some of my favourite products with you all.

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Avéne Rich Skin Ricovery Cream
If you read my Skincare for Allergy Prone Skin then you will already know just how much this product has helped me. It calmed my skin down during an allergic reaction and everything was pretty much back to normal within two days. Targeted at hypersensitive and irritable skin, this is perfect for anyone that struggles with finding skincare to suit their troublesome skin. I’ve never had any issues when using this, when I don’t have a flare up I stop using it as I don’t want to run out when I need it the most.

Avéne Tolérance
For the rest of the time when my skin isn’t having a mare but just needs the usual TLC I have been using the Avéne Tolérance Emulsion* in the day time and the Avéne Tolérance Mask* every evening. The emulsion just provides enough moisture for the day as it hydrates and soothes, it’s your simple no fuss product that’s great for everyday use. I use the mask every night as I love the way my skin feels in the morning, so soft and smooth and feels plump. This product is more like the intense version of the standard emulsion, both providing relief from my dry skin.

I love all the packaging of these products as they have special tops that stop the products from getting contaminated. It’s a great trick to keep things hygienic and I wish more products, especially skincare had this.

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Avéne Micellar Lotion*
This is the perfect micellar water to complete any sensitive skin sufferers routine. Although my Garnier one never caused me any problems, I feel comfortable knowing that this one won’t produce a flare up. It also just makes my skin generally feel better than any other ones I’ve tried. It removes every last scrap of makeup leaving my skin soft, smooth and refreshed.

Avéne Thermale Spring Water
Probably one of their most well known products, it’s perfect for dry skin sufferers as it’s a great boost of moisture. It also calms down my skin when I am suffering from an allergic reaction as it doesn’t aggravate my skin further, just puts moisture back into my skin and preps it for the moisturiser. It’s also great for warmer weather or for use on holiday as it’s so cooling and refreshing.

Have you tired Avéne? What’s your favourite product?


*This post contains PR samples.