Spectrum Marbleous Brushes

I always say you can never have too many brushes. If you think you do have too many you still need to get your hands on the Spectrum Marbleous 5 Piece Sculpt Setas not only are they visually beautiful, the brushes are pretty darn amazing. I have a container full of un-used brushes because I have so many but I’ve always wanted to try some by Spectrum, I’ve heard so much about them and now I have put them to the test.

Spectrum Marbleous Brushes - 2PIN IT!

I don’t think I have ever seen any brushes that are this pretty, with the white handles, rose gold ferrule and grey bristles they are just beautiful. These cruelty free vegan brushes are called the Marbleous collection so it was only natural to photography them on my marble background! This set consists of five luxe contouring brushes that are probably the best I have ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot of brushes.

Spectrum Marbleous Brushes - 3PIN IT!

A00 is the big luxe powder brush, the bristles are just dense enough to pick up the right amount of powder. I love the shape of this brush as the bristles aren’t as long as standard powder brushes, this is small and compact and could be used for bronzer as well a powder. C07 is the luxe tapered sculptor brush that’s perfect for applying blusher or highlighter. For years I used a small compact shader brush for highlighter but this one is better. Being larger it distributes the perfect amount of highlighter without ending up like a disco ball. A02 is the angled foundation brush and a style that I haven’t used in a long time. It buffs foundation into the skin really well and leaves a flawless lightweight finish. C02 is the flat top contour brush that is absolutely perfect for cream contour and the best brush in this style that I have used. All summer I was looking for a brush like this to blend in my cream contour, I only wish I had found it sooner. I have numerous brushes to do the job but this one does it so well. A05 precision brush is great for adding powder contour as the shape slots underneath the cheekbones perfectly. However I found that it is also great for blusher as well as its quite small.

Spectrum Marbleous Brushes - 4PIN IT!Spectrum Marbleous Brushes - 5PIN IT!

All these brushes are so incredibly soft and they wash up really well. I’ve cleaned them a few times now and not a single hair has fallen out yet which I have never come across before, at least a couple fall out but not these. I also haven’t experienced any discolouration or staining of the bristles either. The quality is brilliant and I’m so impressed, I adore this set.

This set of five brushes is just £39.99 which I personally think is good, you get what you pay for, luxury looking products that are excellent quality. There’s also a Marbleous 7 Piece Eye Set for £34.99 or you can pick up both together here for £64.99. Don’t forget to add the beautiful Marbleous Makeup Bag to finish off your kit, it’s so pretty and definitely on my wishlist!

Have you tried the Spectrum brushes? Which set is on your wishlist?


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