Share The Love

I haven’t written a post sharing my favourite bloggers for a long time. I thought it was about time I changed that and let you in on some blogs I have been loving for a while and also some new finds that I am obsessed with, borderline stalkerish if you will. Be sure to check these girls out as their blogs/Instagrams are amazing.

Thirteen Thoughts is written by Paula and hands down is one of my favourite blogs to read. Her tips posts are incredible, so informative and helpful and her photography is to die for. If you don’t follow her already you seriously need to. Perfect photos, excellent writing and just generally an amazing blogger. Also, be sure to follow her Instagram!

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of or already reads Liza Prideauxs blog but if you don’t go give her a follow. Her images a re stunning, her children are adorable and she’s lovely. Not only does Liza write about beauty and fashion but she also shares posts on her beautiful home and her cute kids. Her new blog layout is also so pretty.

I’ve followed Fee’s blog Makeup Savvy for a long time now but it’s her eBay posts that have just got me completely hooked. I’ve bought so many new brushes recently that I totally didn’t need but if Fee has recommended them I need them. Her blog photography is so stunning as her composition is spot on, definitely check her out.

Nude On Broad Street is a very new blog, I discovered Olivia’s blog through Twitter about two weeks ago and I am so glad I did. Her images are so light and pretty and I just love everything she posts. Her fashion sense is everything, I may have styled a complete new outfit solely based on her Instagram and feel like my style of clothes has completely changed since discovering her, so thank you Olivia!

If you love interiors, monochrome and DIY’s then Olivia from Lust Living is your gal! She shares images of her home and it is perfection. She’s also a lovely girl and we could easily have a conversation using just emoji’s and GIF’s so you need to check out her Instagram and follow her blog because I know you’re going to love what you see.

Leave any recommendations of your favourite blogs below.