How I Stay Organised

Being an organised blogger can be tough, even from very early on I liked things to be organised so that I could keep up to date with my blog. I promise that I didn’t write this post to have a massive plug at my business but I have previously written a post on how I stay organised nearly two years ago – check it out here – so I thought it was about time I updated it.

In my last organisational post I shared how I kept track of individual blog posts, I did this by creating four columns in an ordinary notepad and this system helped me tremendously. So simple but really effective. As you all must know by now, I waffle on about it enough, but the way I previously planned actually inspired my first blog related planner for my shop PaperChicCo, this is the Blog Post Planner. I found this method so useful that since I was making the planner for myself anyway, I might as well offer it to other people too. I know just how important, and addictive, blogger organisation is, especially if you want things to run smoothly.

How I Stay Organised - 2PIN IT!How I Stay Organised - 3PIN IT!How I Stay Organised - 4PIN IT!

Although I have designed multiple planners I only use two of them religiously along with another planner too. These are the Detailed Blog Post Planner and Weekly Blog PlannerThe detailed planner is perfect for those lengthy information packed posts. Before this I always struggled with my info filled posts, my brain would overload with information that I needed or wanted to include and therefore I always ended up forgetting to add something. I don’t know how many times I would have to keep going back into a post to amend it to add something. It was so frustrating but now I can jot it all down on here at the time and it stays in one place until I need it.

The weekly planner is new to the shop and my absolute favourite, I wish I had designed this sooner. I love to plan my week in advance so goodness knows why the idea didn’t come to me sooner. I designed it the way I need to plan during my own week as this process just made more sense to me. I included a section at the top where you can keep track of 10 of your blog posts progress, if you write more than 10 in one week you are a superwomen and I need some of your mojo. I also included days to upload a post so I could keep track, emails to send, a to-do list (who doesn’t love a to-do list?!) a space for those ideas that crop up at random times and finally a social media stat tracker. Let’s be totally honest here, everyone loves to know how their online presence is growing.

I use this planner by writing down all the posts I want to try and complete during the week and I add the tasks that corresponds to those posts in my to-do list. I’ve found that this way actually makes me complete things as I like to tick it off, I feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I cross off a chore so this way works wonders for me.

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Once I have my week planned out on my notepad I assign different tasks to different days using my beloved Erin Condren Life Planner. Because this planner is so pretty I like to keep it that way and actually complete my tasks, I don’t like blank spaces. As my weekly tasks have been spread throughout the week this ensures everything gets done without overloading myself with work. It seems to be a stress-free process and I love it.

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I honestly have never felt more organised, this way suits me perfectly and I tend to get stuff done now. Previously things would be left or pushed aside but this method makes me want to work and finish things, it’s so satisfying. I’m incredibly proud of my products so obviously I want to show them off and share them with you all, I find them so useful and I hope others do too! If you do fancy taking a look at some of the planners you can buy physical items in my main shop or you can print your own planner out at home through my Etsy store – PaperChicPlans. I hope you feel inspired by this post and I would love to see how you stay organised so leave links to your posts below.

What’s your favourite way to stay organised?



  • Emma

    I am obsessed with making lists, I do them for blogging and day to day life. I don’t know how I would cope without them!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I’m a list girl, I have lists of everything, haha 🙂 I’m not very organized with my lists though, I just scribble ’em down wherever.

  • nueyork

    I love looking at photos like this! They make me so inspired to get organised!

  • Catherine

    I applaud you lady, this is some serious organisation! The new design for the weekly blog planner is amazing too, I need to get me one of those!

    Catherine |

  • Dany Queen

    I need that blog post planner! I basically do the same thing, I just write it all inside a notebook. I need to be ridiculously organized or else nothing ever gets done. I make lists all day every day. Love your photography!
    xx Dany

  • Stephanie

    I bought your weekly blog planner a few weeks ago and I’ve loved it so far! It’s really helped with planning out my weeks in advance and keeping on track!