Are Apple Products Worth The Hype

When I was 16 I got my first Apple product, a green iPod Nano and I loved it, it was amazing and it was glued to my hand for a good 4 years. However I had no idea that Apple actually sold other products. They are a pricey brand with a huge following, I still can’t believe that my best friend isn’t an Apple fan but not everyone is and I thought I would write this post to get other people sharing their thoughts, are Apple products worth the hype?

Everybody knows that people go crazy when a new release is coming, people queue for hours sometimes camping out all night to be one of the first people to get the new iPhone. Apple certainly know how to get their customers attention and money. Every new release has a slightly different look, a slightly faster processor, a slightly better camera and extra useless things, touch ID is the only useful extra that I love. They are yet to release a waterproof and shatter resistant model, that’s a release I’ll be really excited about. I personally never rush to the new releases, I wait until the craze has died down and get people’s thoughts on the new products before I splash the cash.

There’s no denying that Apple products are beautiful, they are so ascetically pleasing and I am obsessed with the designs. I love how sleek and lightweight they are. The colour choices are also a great extra with gold, silver, slate grey or rose gold with a black or white face making your new fancy device super trendy. I had black for a long time until I decided to be a little different on my 5S and get silver and white and I loved it, I will never go back to black now and not going to lie, white looks fab in Instagram/blog photos.

Are Apple Products Worth The Hype - 2PIN IT!

These are one of the most expensive phones around, starting from £539 for an iPhone 6S and £619 for a 6S Plus, that’s some ridiculous prices so like many others, I get mine on contract to get extra benefits such as data and free texts. I would never buy one of these phones out right. I have used many different phone brands previously, all around the £100 mark to buy, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and all of them didn’t last for longer than a year. After that they were so frustratingly slow and the look of the phone I had was already out of fashion, with an iPhone you’re never out of fashion, they are always trendy. However the best part for me is that they last, they are worth that huge price tag. My brother had an iPhone 4 for about four years, my 3GS lasted three years and any other iPhone has lasted longer than two years but then traded in the old phones during upgrades to save a bit of money. Now I’ve been using iPhone for nearly 6 years and know just how great the quality is I will never go back to another brand.

These are really just an added extra if you have a phone and a laptop and not always needed but they look amazing and obviously I was sucked in. I bought the iPad 2 years ago and adored it (I didn’t own a laptop then) however I had to sell it and I always missed it. Brent is doing a course for his work and needs to use the laptop every night and now I have my own little business, I always have something I need to do so having the iPad is really useful now. I think they look beautiful, so sleek and light and so easy to use. For an iPad Air 2 prices start from £349 for a 16GB without cellular data, a 64GB with cellular data is £529 so cheaper than a phone, that doesn’t really make any sense. I’ve got mine on contract as the data allowance every month is amazing and works out cheaper than buying it outright. A while back on Twitter I was asking whether I should get an iPad Mini or Air and someone told me to get a Samsung but since no Samsung phone ever lasted more than a year I didn’t want to risk it, I’d had an iPad before and never had any issues with it so I wanted to stick with what I knew worked best for me. The retina display on an iPad is just brilliant everything is so clear and crisp, Pinterest is an absolute dream to use on there as everything just looks amazing!

Are Apple Products Worth The Hype - 3PIN IT!

MacBook Air
The very first laptop I bought was a HP Pavilion in bright pink, it was originally around £500 however I got mine when it was on offer. It was amazing for the first 3 months and then after that it sounded like an aeroplane taking off, was so slow and using it was so friggin’ difficult. I tried cleaning it, deleting things, everything I could think of to make it quicker but it was still shocking. Luckily Brent downloaded something wrong and we ended up with a whopper of a virus so instead of sorting it out we used it as an excuse to get a new one and we knew we would go to Apple. My brothers MacBook lasted five years (until he spilt coffee on it) so we knew we would be getting a good product and no drinks allowed next to ours!

We settled on the MacBook Air as there isn’t much difference between that and the Pro, everything is that little bit better on the Pro but I wanted something that was easy to move around with and the sleekness of the Air won me over. I’ve had this laptop for two years in September and it’s as quick as the first day we got it. I’ve had absolutely no issues with it I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone. It doesn’t make a sound, you can’t even tell that it’s on it’s so quiet.

I’m so used to IOS that I can’t even remember how to use a Microsoft computer and don’t even get me started on Windows 8, that shit is so confusing. The design is perfect, it works like a dream, everything is so simple and problem free and I don’t miss the CD drive at all, not once have I needed it and that’s probably the main perk of buying the Pro. If you’ve been on the fence between a Pro and an Air, save a bit of cash and get the Air, it works wonders for blogging on the go, YouTube, editing photos, Photoshop and general writing, you may need to get an external hard drive but that depends on how much stuff you like to hoard, in my case a lot!

The MacBook Air starts from £849 for a 13-inch and £999 for a 13-inch MacBook Pro. I’ve heard people say that the MacBook isn’t even worth considering so although it’s gold – my goodness it’s a beauty – it’s not worth it. I now have my eyes on an iMac but I will have to wait a little while for that, they start from £899 for a basic 21.5inch and £1499 for a standard 27-inch.

Are Apple Products Worth The Hype - 4PIN IT!

Apple Policy
Whenever we have had an issue with Apple it’s been sorted within such a short space of time. Brent’s 4S went wrong and his network were refusing to look at it so we took it straight to Apple where they changed it then and there. They didn’t have an 8GB in stock and gave him a 16GB without asking for any extra. We also had a faulty charging cable which they swapped without any issues. Although they are pricey I think they really look after their customers, I know I’ll probably get loads of people saying they have had trouble with them but from my personal view, we’ve never had any issues.

Yes they are pricey, yes they certainly know how to rob their customers of their money with their minimal updated products but they do supply excellent quality goods, they’re reliable and I personally trust the brand. I’m willing to pay more if I know the product is worth the money and after using and loving Apple I think they are totally worth the hype. I would buy from them over and over again, they are my go to company for technology. Imagine if they made a camera, that would look and be incredible, although it would probably cost an arm and a leg!

I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on this subject, I know not everyone agrees with me but some must, I see people going crazy for the new releases on my Twitter feed. So get involved and let me know what you think.

Do you think Apple products are worth the hype?



  • Jess

    My first apple product was also a green iPod nano. I’ve kind of become a sucker to anything Apple, I have my macbook pro and I just love it so much. I think I will also continue to buy there products in the future too.

  • Kiss & Make-up

    It’s all a matter of personal preference. I personally love my iPhone but I don’t think I need a MACBook.

  • Lauren Victoria

    I love my Iphone and I have had apple ipods before! Always wanted a Mac book, but I think just for the way they look compared to the actual use of the computer it’s self!x

    Lauren |

  • Zoe

    I have used Apple products since getting a 3G iPhone many years ago, before that we bought our daughter an iPod when they were first released but the 3G phone was my own first product, since then I have always upgraded to an iPhone and at the moment have an iPhone 6 which is in contract until April next year when I will upgrade again to another iPhone, I have a Macbook pro which was 6 years old in April so it’s 6 years 4 months and is brilliant, it gets a lot of use with being a blogger and it serves me well, I am going to replace it next year just as I think it is probably time but I have never had a laptop last as long as my Macbook or stay as fast, admittedly it isn’t as fast as my daughters, hers is 18 months old but it’s brilliant for it’s age, we also have an iPad which is old, it was our daughters but when she got a new one she passed it to me and Simon, I don’t tend to use it just because I have my phone and laptop but Simon uses it a lot, he doesn’t like my macbook, he can’t get on with it at all, but he likes the iPad and he has an iPhone 6 too and loves it. I love Apple products and wouldn’t ever have anything else now, they are expensive but they do last and as you said the customer service is brilliant, we have had excellent customer service too, great post 🙂 x

    • Claudia

      Little Apple family you’ve got there, you all have very good taste 😉 They definitely last, you know you’re getting excellent quality products for your money xx

  • Lottie

    Like yourself I got my first Apple product when I was nine and was glued to it for years. I do think apple products are worth it! All my other phones I have upgraded after a year, however I have had my iPhone 5s for nearly 3 years now and I still love it!! Recently I bought a Macbook Pro, its the best thing since sliced bread! x

  • Jen

    I love my Macbook Air, since purchasing one for university I don’t think I could ever go back!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  • Ioanna

    I’m completely in love with my iPad and iPhone and can’t ever imagine going back to android. I’m perfectly happy with my windows laptop though xx

  • Beautylymin

    Great post! I’ve often wondered why people swear by Macbooks rather than other laptops and I’ve debated getting one but don’t think I could justify such a purchase until it’s actually needed if that makes sense. Was it difficult to get used to the MacBook after the HP laptop? xx

    • Claudia

      Unless you’re going to be using it loads it may not be worth it but I highly recommend it when you do want one 😉 Not really, apart from the @ sign being in a different place and closing the browers being on the left side it’s pretty similar, and very easy to get used to! xx

  • Claire

    I have an Iphone, Ipad 2 and Macbook air and I love them all. I had my only issue with my Ipad two years ago where the earphone jack stopped working, I took it in to Apple and they replaced it there and then, despite the fact that I had had it for 3 years, I can honestly not fault their return policy, they really go beyond!
    xxx Claire

    • Claudia

      That’s great service! Although it did go wrong 3 years is such a brilliant amount of time for it to last! Glad you had a great experience with them too xx

  • Jackie

    I have the iPhone 6 and iPad Air and love both of them so much. I’m the only Apple person at home but I just love the format and ps of them. I’m saving up for a MacBook as my next purchase as I’m tired of my windows 8 laptop so I will see. Also I think I pay for the service and quality too not so much the name as it is amazing programming to all the ones I’ve tried.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    • Claudia

      You won’t regret your purchase, going from Windows to Mac, there isn’t much change but you’ll definitely see a big difference! I hope you love it 🙂 xx

  • Sophie

    i could rant for hours about Apple, but i know i will be very unlikely to go back to another phone/computer! I have a Macbook and an IPhone and you just cannot beat the design for me – i love the apps and the whole feel of it, it’s become a part of me now and it would be too strange to switch back! Yes, they can rip you off/ things break, but to be fair the shop are quite good at replacing things… much better than PC world!

    • Claudia

      Completely agree with you! On an old windows laptop my charging connector had snapped and PC World tried to charge me £250 to change the entire motherboard which wouldn’t have even fixed the issue. They can be such a rip-off, Apple are brilliant! xx

  • Egle

    I had HP laptops before, it took me 3 HP laptops and 2 motherboards to learn my lesson, now I own macbook air and using it for 5 years now, its almost time to get new one, but it still works fine, every time its slowdown or something goes wrong I just reinstall iOS and its like having new thing again 🙂