Kate Spade Stationery

I think everyone who knows me or follows me knows I have a crazy stationery obsession. Anything gold, marble, pastel or just generally cute looking I have to buy it which in turn has resulted in having a stock pile of un-used notepads from various places. I don’t know what it is about stationery, I’ve always loved buying it, going back to school stationery shopping after the 6 weeks holidays was the best part of the holidays! I made my obsession into a passion by designing my own stationery, so to keep my myself extra organised for my new business venture I needed more stationery right? I have loved Kate Spade products for a long time now and I’ve finally started to collect some bits.

My love for Kate Spade started a long time ago however it’s been fuelled ever since I owned the Kate Spade 2016 Agenda, now I lust after everything even more. Since my business has started to get a little busier I’ve found that I needed the use of certain things. Instead of going out and spending money on bog-standard boring looking items I spent that little bit more to get prettier looking things. So sad I know but my thinking was 1. I’ve always wanted them, 2. They would look so cute in photos and 3. They would be useful…and yes I thought them in that order too.

Kate Spade Stationery - 1PIN IT!Kate Spade Stationery - 2PIN IT!Kate Spade Stationery - 3PIN IT!Kate Spade Stationery - 4PIN IT!

John Lewis stock a lot of Kate Spade items, especially the stationery however they only had one of the two items that I wanted so I headed over to Amarathey have an abundance of Kate Spade items, not just stationery and they are surprisingly a little cheaper than John Lewis.

The items I’m twittering on about are from the beautiful gold and acrylic desk line, the ‘Keep It Together’ Stapler and ‘Make It Stick’ Tape DispenserI love that the gold isn’t too over the top and they are both engraved with their cute little quotes which is a lovely touch. They feel really sturdy and look great on the desk, items like this always win me over as they are practical and pretty.

Kate Spade Stationery - 5PIN IT!Kate Spade Stationery - 6PIN IT!Kate Spade Stationery - 7PIN IT!

Kate Spade is definitely a luxury brand when it comes to the stationery products, I can’t afford to buy the products all the time but I love that my collection is now slowly growing. There’s no denying that the products are beautiful and so perfectly designed, she’s the stationery queen! I still have a list as long as my arm but now I’ve popped my Kate Spade cherry I won’t stop until my desk resembles a Kate Spade catalogue.

Where’s your favourite place to shop for stationery?