Summer Skin

Since it’s now August, Summer is very nearly over. I love Summer for the fresh glowing skin and all the bright nail shades so I wanted to share what I have been using for the past couple of months. Wearing less makeup is a plus for me as I’ve become lazy and the less I wear the less time I have to spend putting it on. I always like to play around with my makeup in the summer, leaving my skin free to breathe and not clogging it up with powder. This summer I have found my perfect routine for fresh, glowing healthy looking skin and today I will be sharing my favourites.

For most of my life I have suffered with dry skin but I had to powder otherwise my face would just eat the makeup. Thankfully over the years my skin has calmed down and finding the right products for my dehydrated skin has helped me massively so I can finally get away with not wearing to much and I don’t always need to set my base with powder anymore. The sun also has something to do with it too, I try to wear makeup that only contains SPF but even so, over time your skin does catch a nice glow which also brings out my freckles and hides the odd blemish. Thank you typical English skin. That’s also another reason why I wear less as I like my freckles, they distract from other features I am not so fond of.

Summer Skin - 2PIN IT!

I use my Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentré to prep my skin as it keeps it hydrated all day, sadly it doesn’t contain SPF but my foundation does. Underneathe my base I have been using the NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam. This product is just so stunning, it’s a pink toned highlighter that looks a bit scary at first but once your foundation is over the top your skin just looks so healthy and glowing. I adore this product. For foundation I have been loving the No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation for a long time now, I very rarely use anything else. It does contain SPF 15, not the best amount but it’s better than nothing. This foundation is so beautiful as it’s so lightweight on the skin and just makes everything look flawless but still natural. It has enough coverage to cover blemishes however it’s still light enough to let your natural skin shine through, hello freckles. For under my eyes I am still loving the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer as it covers dark circles so well, it just brightens everything up perfectly.

Once my base is in place I like to add some shape back into my face – omg could that rhyming be any worse! I do this by applying the Milani Baked Bronzer in Glow. My love for baked products is still going strong! This bronzer definitely has an orange undertone however it suits my complexion and gives me that sun-kissed look. I apply it around my temples and I like to do a light contour with it and I look like a subtle bronzed goddess. By the way, did you know Milani is now available in the UK? I know, mind blown!! I found out a couple of weeks ago, hooray!

Finally for a blush I am obsessed with the H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Dusty Rose, it’s the perfect flushed natural looking cheek colour. These cream blushers blend so well into the skin without looking patchy and they last all day for me. You can add a little highlight as well by adding some of the NYX Liquid Illuminator over the top as it can be used on-top of your base. Sometimes I leave out the highlighter and sometimes I like to add a little MAC Soft & Gentle for added glow, depends how glowy I want to be.

Summer Skin - 3PIN IT!

That’s a wrap on my favourite base products for the summer time. I have been using the new Maybelline Master Contour and Revlon Insta-Fix which I am loving however I haven’t been using them long enough to include in this post so I will be sharing my love for them in a separate post.

Which base products have you been enjoying this summer?