Brand Focus – H&M Beauty

Since H&M released their new revamped beauty range I have gone a little bit crazy at my local stand more than once. I’ve shared a couple of haul posts on here showcasing their beautiful new range – H&M Beauty Haul and Another H&M Beauty Haul and it’s safe to say I am super impressed with the brand. Excellent quality products for an affordable price will always win me over and today I am sharing my favourites.

So far I have only reviewed a couple of the products in my H&M Beauty Reviews post and I haven’t talked about any of the makeup products since. If you are lucky enough to have a beauty stand in your local H&M then make sure you check it out if you haven’t already as you don’t want to miss out. They have an extensive range of products from every makeup item you can think of to brush cleaner, nail polishes and beauty accessories. If you aren’t a lucky one with a stand close by they do sell their items online.

Before I get into the main items I want to just let you in on a super affordable but brilliant brush cleaner by H&M, it’s only £2.99 and it’s perfect for spot cleaning your eye brushes, they dry super quickly and it smells pretty good too. You can read the full review in my recent H&M Brush Cleanser post.

I have five nail polishes from the range now and I have found that all of the formulas differ in longevity. The more muted shades such as Plum Fool and Go To Greige lasted so well on my nails, over a week however Tickled Pink lasted around two days but it is a beautiful colour. Their shade range is super impressive and definitely has any colour that I am looking for and personally I don’t mind if it doesn’t last very long on the nails if the colour is beautiful. I would like to point out though that I would give the Clear Top Coat a miss as although it gives a super glossy finish it doesn’t prolong the longevity at all, I have actually found that it makes the colour peal off quicker.

Brand Focus - H&M - 2PIN IT!

Their variety of lip products and shade range is insane, there is certainly something for everyone. My favourite out off all of them though is the Velvet Lip Cream in Enchanté, it’s such a beautiful pink shade and the formula isn’t drying or patchy. For a close look at the shade, check out my Matte Lips post for a swatch. Their Lush Lip Vinyl‘s are also beautiful and for a glossy product they aren’t sticky at all and the colours are still pretty opaque. I have the shade Tuscan Blush which is a lovely rosy pink shade, the formula also smells amazing, think MAC lipsticks. Deco Rudy is a lipstick shade from their lipstick range, a pretty berry toned red it’s perfect for the Autumn season. The formula is creamy and stays put really well. They also have lip liners which I haven’t dabbled with too much, I have their Invisible Touch Lip Definer which is their clear lip liner but I haven’t tried it yet. However I have tried the Prairie Sunset which is the perfect shade match for the Enchanté Velvet Lip Cream.

Their eye products consist of every eyeshadow shade imaginable. I have Woodwork and Down To Earth, both pretty shimmery brown shades which blend amazingly well and look super pretty. I keep saying it but I am desperate to get my hands on one of their eyeshadow palettes, the quality of these shadows is so impressive, especially at just £3.99 each. As eyeliners go I haven’t used them for a while, I’ve been pretty boring with my eyes as of late with just a sweeping of eyeshadow and a bit of mascara however I will say that their Colour Essence Eye Pencils are so so creamy and they stay put for hours. Mighty Oak is a beautiful brown shade which is a great alternative to the usual black shade. I do have the Precision Eye Marker as well however I haven’t used it enough to report back properly yet.

In their cheeks range they have their Pure Radiance Powder Blushers and Pure Velvet Cream Blushers. When swatching in store I found some of the powder blushers to not have the best pigmentation however they are buildable shades. Tango Pink is your typical pink shade that does have great pigmentation and good longevity. The dream product lies within the cream products, Dusty Rose is a beautiful soft pink shade that is perfect for just flushed cheeks, a subtle “no make-up” look. The cream formula blends in beautifully and lasts so well on the skin. I love it in the summer time as it looks so natural and keeps my skin looking fresh and glowy.

So that’s the run down of all my favourite products and shades within the H&M beauty range, there’s still a lot of beautiful products that I still need to try, I haven’t looked at my local stand in a while but I’m sure a H&M haul will be in the near future, I am so impressed with this whole range and the packaging is just to die for, I must have hoarded all the boxes for at least 6 months!

Have you tried H&M beauty? Which products do you recommend?